My name's Madi and I really want a group

All my lame friends hate this game but I love it! 18+ preferred but not necessary. I have about 200 hours and you won’t need to hold my hand.

Not sure if your on PS4 or what but if you are go check out DARK REALMS 18+ its a great server we do PVP on weekends and PVE through out the week.

If you’re on xbox I’m on an official server and am always for people to play with.

My server is a PVP, but it fits everything else that you are looking for. :slight_smile:

You can find us at and join our Discord at

What platform do you play on? and yes the game is great!

Hey madi, if you’re on PC you can join us, brand new pvp server alpha clan looking for another member! If you want to join just join here. https://