My new Kickstarter! (Art for a short story based on 'Pickman's Model.')

Full name: A proper picture for my ‘Pickman’s Model!’

From the Kickstarter:

*Once upon a time, I sold my first short story to a Cthulhu Mythos anthology. It was (and is) a fairly demented love story called ‘Pickman’s Model,’ because shame is for other people; and I was quite proud of it. And happy that it sold. Selling fiction is wonderful. …And then disaster struck, starting with how the story was formatted on the page and ending with the sudden death of the publisher. Which means I didn’t get paid! And I’m not going to get paid for it the original way, either, because I don’t importune widows to settle their late husband’s debts. But I decided that I’m going to get paid for it somehow. As per my original contract, I have the right to republish; so I’ve taken my story, revised and expanded it, and will release it myself. *

I just need some art for it, which is where this Kickstarter comes in. I have an artist lined up - webcomic Ben Fleuter, and his aesthetic is perfect for this project; but art costs money, particularly when you’re self-publishing. The base goal will pay for a suitable drawing for the story, which will be distributed along with the story itself to backers at certain levels. If we hit our goal, there will be stretch goals to pay for the art I’ll be commissioning for future projects. I have two chapbooks (four stories each) that I’m preparing for publication; they could absolutely use some art, too.

And that’s pretty much it. Back the Kickstarter, pay for art, get the story if you pick that tier. And maybe even get some future stories, too.