My NPC allies of my realm

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My NPC allies are characters that holds a deep place where my heart would be if I wasn’t undead. Yes my NPC allies are all monster races. I am undead.

The Dragonskull family serve Bryan Skull in life and death. These five warriors serve as Bryan Skull Bodyguards. Ace use two handed sword. Reaper used bows. Faye uses sword and shield. Izzy used daggers. Raven used shield and mace.

Raven Silverheart is a banshee. Raven Silverheart was Bryan Skull first bodyguard. Raven knew of Bryan Skull lichdom. Raven when in her mortal dark elf form left the underground years ago. She seek a strange power that call to her. Bryan Skull was waiting for her. In this point in time I was seeking allies. Raven had a strong arm with the mace a perfect balance of offensive and defensive abilities. Raven join me after I show her my true power. Raven follow me everywhere. She died protecting me from an ambush of Arch Mages. I slaughterer every one of the Mages and absorb thier knowledge. I turn Raven into a banshee. Her undead form used her body. I place a stop decay spell on her body. The ritual I did made it so Raven’s Body never aged. I found the King whom sent Arch Mages at me. His soul now in hell and the Kingdom burn down.

The Dragonskulls were a bunch of honorable warriors. The sad part is no one wanted to hire them. They barely got any jobs. I was looking for a four warrior group. Most groups lack the skills and honor these four I sense. So I hired the four Dragonskulls. The Dragonskulls were good at hunting and kill beasts and dragons. Raven was always by my side. A loyal bodyguard. After people started hearing about the Dragonskulls are able to slay dragons. The work for all 4 came in. The group offer me 10% to manage thier small warrior group. I accepted. The money was good. But always there are those whom seek to take what not thiers. A nobleman was losing profits of his adventure groups. So he decided to lure the skulls in a trap. With promise of fortune and a few drinks he offer the group they accept his quest. The nobleman poison the drinks. Killing the four Dragonskulls. The nobleman try hiding the bodies he was burning. I summon 1000 clay golems to slaughterer the nobleman, his family and his adventure groups. The golems burn the bodies. I was able to find all four Dragonskull’s souls. I create 2 slime female bodies for Faye and Izzy. Thier new bodies look like thier old bodies. Ace and Reaper requests I made them metallic golems. I did. But from the strongest metals in the universes. The Dragonskulls were happy and sad that I created new bodies for them. They fear being outcast. So I invite them to be my bodyguards. They agrre. I create a room for each one n my castle. The Dragonskulls stay at my castle. They mostly protect it. The Dragonskulls seek to protect me from everything.

I found Rosa, Ruby,Sapphire and Emerald on Farms barely alive on farms. I offer them new bodies and a new life. They all four agree to work and live in my castle. I transmute thier bodies into slime females. (Break for a min some of you are asking what a slime female or slime male. It a slime monster whom has a human appearance. Break over.) Those 4 women are my greatest cooks,fisherwomen, farmers and hunters. They kill 25 deer in 25 mins with thier bare hands. These 4 women are masters chiefs. They can make a noble cry because of how tasteful thier food is. Also all 4 are wonderful at punching trees down. You can’t out track these 4 women. All rangers beware. These 4 women can track you by thier noses. They can smell danger. Each woman also is a master of a craft. Rubyis a master armour. Sapphire a master weapin smith. Emerald a master crafting furniture. Rosa is the Captain of these Ladies. Rosa Master of Extra. These four women are in charge of my laborers. Meaning you fail to do labor these four women will kill you and cook you with a slice of lemon. These four Ladies are my reinforcements. Pray you die swift. If I send these four women after you. You are already dead.

I found a a few true vampires. A couple whom thier master left them to rot. I offer these Vampires a home and safe place to live. My castle which is always in the shadows. These two vampires could see my true form. Thier master was unworthy. He was plan on using them as an escape goat. I cut his head off and showed it to the vampire hunters. I told the vampire hunters I was hunting down this vampire. With the vampire leader dead. The couple vampire join me. I used a gate spell to enter my realm and castle. My castle is in a place that is always dark. The vampire couple explain to me how in life they couldn’t have children. They also said thier master promise them to be able to have children as a vampire couple. Thier old master lie to them. They ask if I could be thier son. Sure I wasn’t thier biology son. But refering to them as mother and father put a smile on both of thier faces. So that how Lord Virus Skull and Lady Virus Skull join me. Yes they took my last name as thier own. Both are wonderful scouts and extracting intel from the enemy.

Now onto My 5 thieves. Rex,Vex,Mex,Lex and Dex are a group of thieve,scouts and assassins. These 5 brothers are wonderful at finding treasure. The sad part was they were dying of mummy rot. The brothers stole and killed so they could be buried. See all 5 of them wanted to be buried next to each other. I offer them a way out of death. They agree on one condition. That thier mother would be left with treasure to help her buy food and other things they. The 5 lost thier father at an early age. So treasure seekers allow for thier mother to have what she needed. I understood. I transmute all 5 into male slimes. (Slimes ca are normally deadly on touch. Slimes can active or deactive this at will). Rex ,Vex,Mex,Lex and Dex gather loads of treasure for thier mom. The 5 told thier month they kill the mo ummy and lifted the curse on them. She believe them. When she past they buried her near thier father Hex. The mother name was Nex. These 5 are great at gathering resources,treasure and assassination of my enemies. The five brothers hunt all at once. Rosa says they are too loud to hunt deer. The brothers use daggers. The brothers look human. These 5 brothers live in my castle. Watching my back and killing my enemies.

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