My observations so far for Conan Exiles

So far love the concept and graphics of the game and the storyline

Mammoths agro Range is way to far also they should not be able to keep up with a running person for over long distances … ( this goes with other Dino’s as well ) cut the agro range back by maybe 20% so that they lose agro after a certain distance … also they dont seem to lose agro when you are climbing up a cliff

Pro weapons and armour are awesome looking


wanting to know why we are stuck at level 60 when some of the stuff requires us to be level 62 or higher


the maps are inconsistent when it comes to higher level thralls or named thralls …

Also trying to find Star Metal is extremely hard … when the armour you have on barely keeps you warm enough in the Cold Really cold extreme cold or Frostbite ( you cant even climb up off the ground with Frostbite)

Hehe. Yes. Silly dinos.

Carry a full set of Vanir Settler gear with flexibility kits specifically for climbing. Or any warm, light armor. You’ll be able to climb all over the icy mountains looking for star metal.

i am using that but we still get cold AF

Hmm… Interesting. Could you show a screenshot of where, exactly?
When I wear Vanir Settler gear, I only get too cold at the very tops of mountains, in icy lakes and on that bridge connected to the highlands.

I do get Very Cold in several places but almost never Extremely.

Just wondering where you’re getting so cold when wearing fur armor.
I’m wearing the level 40 regular set (not exceptional or flawless).

will get one a soon as we head back to the star metal area on the map to show you
what i am wearing