My Opinion on the newest update

The dungeon in question was solo’able. Even by those who were not great at the game.

Though we did have dungeons that were group oriented that would spat out players who were in max level gear and stuff if they weren’t with a group. Its interesting with the NPCs currently in the game, with adjustments to their HP, Dmg, and size, can make for MMORPG group like encounters. Where you need tank, healer, and DPS.

There’s ton of potential here. If I can use simple Pippi tools to do it (and you’re very limited), then the sky’s the limit for Funcom. Who can tailor make environments and AI to function within them.


Sounded tough from the description :slight_smile: But then I always find multiple opponents much more challenging than one ‘big bad’ (as it should be). And I guess late game content should be challenging to be rewarding :slight_smile:

You’ve got me thinking maybe I should give the Pippi GM tools side another look - as a singleplayer, my only real use for Pippi has been if I want to use thespians to finish a particular ‘scene’ (so almost never, since I usually wind up either getting there a different way (eg Emotes for Crafters mod) or not getting round to finishing things :wink: ). But now I’m thinking there could be value even for singleplayer in creating a dungeon here or there - I won’t get the ‘discovery’ value, but I could at least try my hand at building some interesting encounters :slight_smile:

About Taemien’s suggestion of Pippi, yes, pippi does create a lot of possibility of a different version of gameplay. Though, even we want tanks, the Npc’s randomly select target, rather than the closest or something. Also hidden lag attack moves are still a thing, like the “o mai wa mou shindeiru Arena Champion” which teleports your back and one shots you. (I’m pretty sure most of the AI doesn’t recognize terrain mesh as impassable. They can get stuck in it and teleport somewhere else, creating stuck bugs like in the dragon)

And yes, PLEASE fix the red dragon area so our thralls wont get stuck in ground… It’s been so many years. The dragon is already a giant sponge.

I use pippi on my server, I’m not really good at it, but I created daily quests, arena quests, and some story line quests. Pippi gave me more opportunity than the tools which funcom provided, in every way.

The problem again is, the mob patterns don’t change, whatever we adjust to the mobs as Hp and Dmg, they are still the same weapon swinging mobs. I still feel that its a gamebreaker for me.

And about Thag. The ONLY proper boss encounter in CE. It’s actually exciting, hard for a person who never played a MMO and actually interesting. Guess what, we can’t even admin spawn it. The only interesting mob is un-spawnable. It spawns a smoke that never turns into a monster.

I’m waiting for the day when funcom actually stops overhauling the game, makes it easier to be modded, and add more sliders, and let the community do its job. I’m pretty sure the community would add much more content when the game is stable. I know atleast 10 modders who left modding after their work needed a total overhaul with a major patch (fight animation and player rig update etc). Many great mods are unusable in workshop. Its just sad.


Man, everyday i feel more sad for what is being done to this game

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