My opinion so far



I see that this game took some inspiration from other RPG games which are cool of course, like the dye, dungeons, gear levels, etc. and at first looked like a gore version of Final Fantasy 14. Would be great btw!!

But later “the purge” was added, it seems more a thing from 7 Days to die that I personally dont find positive for the original game.

Maybe as I am new I do not see a well defined line of where the game is pointing, but sometimes mixing so many things does not work well.

I would like the game to continue progressing in the line of a Final Fantasy Gore, there are many things that can be added: Pets, mounts, raids (dungeons for many players +20), quests.

As it is now the game I believe humbly and in my personal opinion that could also be inspired by Defiance that captivated the players for many hours and is more compatible with the original idea of Conan.


Funcom usually make mmorpgs, secret world, age of conan etc. I think this is their first non mmorpg game.

So it has a lot of mmorpg content in it, even dugeons and world bosses.


I personally like the MMO aspects coupled with building and open world sandbox…It’s like an improved SWG in the Conan IP…Awesome.


Myself, I’m TOTALLY happy this game does NOT have final fantasy or other video game elements in it. I bought this game to play in a Conan mindset, not to just to play another video game. I’m stoked that funcom seems to keep out certain video game elements that do not at all fit with the overall Conan genre; If they didn’t, it would just serve to wash-out the feel of hyborian-age gaming in my opinion, which is my absolutely favorite aspect of this game. If I wanted to play final fantasy, i’d have bought that game instead. But I want to play Conan, and don’t mind at all myself that single player is basically a self-driven sandbox.


I like the purge idea.

I have a lot of hours in this game PVE, PVP,. I noticed on PVE that nothing really ever attacked you so building was basically the game. How outlandish could you make your fort.

The purge, if it really works because I have yet to experience one, hopefully has changed that.–maybe. In PVP you have raiders, sieges, avatars…so proper fort design is crucial. With the purge fort design may be just a matter of channeling the purge into easier to handle lines so that you can kill them–but I hope it is more than that.

What I hate about PVP is the midnight raiders that sneak in when I’m offline and just destroy everything–a major defect in the “not really PVP game”. “Midnight” raiding is more about just griefing opponents. And I don’t care how many thralls you have an uninterrupted raider can get around them. However, actual PVP (player versus player) is fun. So my hope for purge is a more PVP like game without the griefing.

But as I said I haven’t triggered a purge yet so I may be disappointed.

Overall – I love this game.