My Performance in Frozen North is "dead" ever since Combat-update on Test-Live

It’s actually unplayable. My performance has been GOOD in the North until the Combat-Updates.

But now I’ll have a stable 75 frames everywhere else (Monitor refresh rate)… but the moment I enter any bit of the Frozen North that has the trees in it…so, almost everywhere…it becomes unplayable at 20fps.

It must be the trees because as soon as I look something without trees the performance goes up again.

Setting texture and foliage to low instread of ultra doesn’t change it either. I also sure it’s GPU related because setting pre-rendered frames in my settings from standard to “1” improves it to about 30 fps and makes it playable-ish.

CPU: Ryzen 1500X @ Stock and @ 4 Ghz, no difference ->It’s something with the GPU
GPU: Geforce 1060 6GB -> More than enough to handle this game. (I’ve tried the 3 drivers for it, no change)
Ram: 16GB DDR4 2667 Mhz
Game is installed on: SSD
OS: Win10