My review (current set of patches)

hello folks, happy Tuesday.

first i would like to say thanks for this set of good patches, it improved the game but there are area specially progression that needs a bit of a tweaking mostly level 60 areas.

good : purge, we got a purge yesterday, dressed(yay) relic hunters few t4s spawned, one of them after b eating it with truncheons (Several people) decided to run and disappeared it looked like when you see a lag spike , client wise we all saw like it was running, and poofed , we believe it went under mesh , and the purge did not continue. other than that, purges seem quite dangerous and a job WELL DONE FUNCOM. please check why could cause npcs to go under the terrain.

the overall feel of the game is good, the added difficulty is welcome, but i believe the bosses needs to get more damage, not just an HP boost, it is still way too easy to kill. also take the suggestion of lowering the # of feat points per shard or whatever is called, from 10 to 5. there is a red mother , but not a green mother despite of having another boss who could also benefit from drooping the new stuff currently it is not.

set city and volcano seems too easy , volcano needs to change from neutral to player to aggressive ,so they attack on sight, just as you can see in the mounds. this will increase difficulty, i would also up the damage at least 15% , remember it needs to be challenging,and it is a level 60 area!

also it is important to create some instances that could require the help of others, it will help a bit into the social aspect of the game, allowing people to group up for certain tasks.

REALLY BAD: reusing the legendary weapon assets and or armor pieces art, is just lazy on your end, you got a very nice art department, why did you not had them work and modify the art of the new items (feel and looks) that was lazy on your end, and i would advice you change it in a future patch.

bad : the new recipes for weapons (besides the venon infused) Are a terrioble choice. its unbelievable to have a table leg , human leg, broken glass bottles, wooden swords that acts as normal weapons… (those wooden things would have played as good truncheons instead?) you should work on getting decorations over the scrolls,(although reused the assets that are currently in game), it will be for people who built a welcoming change to have more decoration, so i encourage you to add more decoration in the form of scrolls. :slight_smile:

BAD: having a 100% t4 spawn chances are ALWAYS bad idea. specially on crafters, (chieftains in new asargath) so that need to change, same as the 100% thralls spawn (fighters in darfari area, and apparently ( i have not seem it) black hand. it renders the hunt for t4s useless if you can just have an army of a 100% spawn rate chieftains. solution : have a warrior type called chieftain , (no name) and have the named ones had a low chance to spawn. just as the other t4s in the game.

improvements, should do the same with frost temple area, no one goes there (only for black ice anyways) and lots of area in the frozen north remains unexplored.

recommendation : sandstorm mask should reduce the damage effects of sandstorms, not make sandstorms irrelevant once you get a mask, also sandstorms should be dangerous for level 60s, please add blizzards in the north, (northern region should also be more dangerous than the desert, (progression purposes) ., and maybe add locusts or any other environmental thing into the jungle.

OVERALL is a great patch, but it needs some more work to keep level 60s interested. good work on that. my faith in funcom returned with what i am seeing. :slight_smile:


make it a long fight, still soloable, but could go much much faster with the help of others.

truncheons dont kill, you can still use it as you practice weapons (RP thing) or use it as a truncheon alternative)

you can be fine with a t3, t4 are supposed to be rare, they should stay that way. as it is with all of the t4 spawn point, cant have an exception.

sepermeru is a level 60 area , so that alone breaks your argument to pieces, damage could be taken by % , not a fixed amount as it currently is. so its dangerous for level 1 or 60s,

Amen Shadoza and Palm522 :slight_smile:

I agree: all patches and updates have to cater universally so new and experienced players and groups of both enjoy the game. I am max level and like having to do more than a two hit on a dragon (exaggeration perhaps). Only way to cover as many bases possible is to stick to the old formula: River/desert: Levels 1 - 20; Swungle: Levels 20 - 30; North up to Mid-North: : Levels 30 - 40; North-West areas and the Volcano: Levels 40 - 50 - or the terminally brave (I really do not remember Sepemeru being designated level 60 area? That was reserved for the well deserving Unnamed and Northern cities (FunCom can correct me).

Regarding spawning of thralls/purges/etc. Already covered the shotgun method catering to all levels. Also, if I know that nightmare demons that can rip me to shreds are in an area, I shall avoid. If they spawn outside the door, I may consider moving. Sometimes the Gang comes to you too.

Spawns on player volumes? If you walk through the bush quietly and alone you are less likely to let all the creatures about know food is on the way. A crowd will wake everything up. Some creatures may run away. Some may not.

Also agree re the respective storms causing damage. I think only if you were in a structure (including tent) then you can get away without damage, sand mask or not. I have been in a sandstorm. They are not fun. I imagine blizzards are a tad nasty too, no matter your dress-code.

I really do like the idea that only tent or buildings stop Storm damage and clothing and masks (for sand) cut damage down, but since this is just an idea and not a ‘the game is broke’, it will only draw notice if enough people like/comment :slight_smile:

the game already is challenging at lower levels, and even more so after teh patch, they should also keep the game challenging for end game ,(level 60 too)

there must be long term goals, something that is not easy and takes time to get, part of what i call reward system,

instant gratification is not healthy for games, as it will end up drawing away players when there is NOTHING else to do.
thats the point.

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The newb area has to have some challenge for a high level to it, because level 60’s can set up camp there. The game doesn’t prohibit one from being over leveled for an area, so balance is extremely hard in that aspect. Plus all areas give roughly the same resources, the only difference is really the level of thralls, and the HP of beasts. But all beasts give some type of hide and food. And all T4 crafters are the same for grinding. so if made easier for a newb, a lvl 60 could 1 shot thru the area for hide and tar, as well as 1 bop for t4 crafters. Every extra swing (in PVP especially) is wasted time.

and equipment,

areas per se, are just areas, what lives in it , makes the difference, point is they need to make the game more challenging at level 60 areas/mobs,

there is a chieftain spawn in new asargath that is 100% spawn rate, (bad move) as you basically can just camp the area for all the thrall you need, while the others are much much harder to get. (makes no sense)

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I agree with 100% spawn rates being bad. Hoarders will now just stock pile them. defeat the purpose of a raid, if the loot is easily replaceable. It is one thing to have a few back ups, but if you foundation wipe a base 7 times in 10 days, only to see it rebuilt hours after because of hoarded mats, well, lets just say it sucks the gamer fun out of the accomplishment. Literally, the clan logged out 4 or 5 of those times, and let us finish the wipe when they couldn’t fight us in melee. Then logged in after raid, and rebuilt a base and had full shop going each time in a few hours (hidden loot chests/allied with “bank” clan we suspect.). all because they new they had stockpiled Beri and Sayd, and Fia.

none of the t4s in the noob river are really high end, they get killed in a single hit by a high end sword, contrary to what you can find in level 60 areas, which needs a much higher amount of hits before killing it.

as you always state, this is solely from a solo point of view. AS a veteran PVP player, open sandbox has allowed me to grind in areas away from my enemies as i plan my attack. running the newb area allows for off the radar farming, and reptile hide gives highest return per bark. No thinning it like elelphant/rhino, and best ration for all thinner hides. I do not need starmetal as i stick to easier to grind out Alcherion. Once made, i do not need an abundance of gold/silver (can get enough from a quick jungle run tbh). I admit south of newb river is kinda bare, but if you are taking your time to progress thru to the north part of newb river (south of Summoning place) then that is a choice, and not necessarily a broken or unbalanced mechanic. I can get plenty of dry wood, bark, wood (dried gives me resin) . Ivory,obsidian are a waste to me in my playstyle. And black ice, one run a month gives more than enough for 3000 foundations. Ice shards are not my chosen god zeal, so again playstyles. the only way to nerf the newb area and not have it affect the PVP sandboxes, is restrict a level 60 from going there. We can go in circles, but if one chooses to purposely hang in the newb area, then they have all the right to. But in all honesty, i can hang in the far east jungle by level 10. I choose to build in the newb area as well, as during raids, sometimes bed goes bye bye, and i don’t have far to run to get back to my base to fight.

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i do not want them to increase the difficulty of newb area, just not to nerf it, as i don’t see it as difficult as you do tbh.

Choosing to slow play is ok, but asking for the area to be brought down in challenge is like me asking them to put some black ice in the silk Woods because i don’t think its fair if i build in there i have to travel the farthest for the best spawn area of black ice. I choose to build there, and with it comes draw backs. I take that with the perks i see building there.

Got purge on volcano and more than half of the purge thrall spawn in lava -.-

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The improved npc combat is very welcome and now requires players to think about their weapon/combo choice a lot more. I haven’t had a purge yet though I’m still looking forward to it.

I have noticed several bugs though when fighting npcs, but as I’m playing on a server with mods i’m not sure that I should file a bug report.

Firstly I’ll admit this is my first survival game but I’ve been a gamer since Colecovison was released.

My thoughts are that the difficulty level for a lvl 1 player should be high… your naked in the desert, in an unknown land.

As you level and become more confident, move to a new zone where the challenge is higher. At 60 most mob content should be slightly less than challenging. You should know your mobs, thier moves and your skills enough to make it so.

The challenge should be with the purge mechanics and, if on a pvp server, other players. With dungeons and world bosses.
Nearly every mmo/rpg plays like this…

Please don’t touch the southern river zones, the difficulty is perfect… I need to stay aware when traveling the map, the spiders give me full body shivers, which I love. I love that exiles will chase me down as fresh meat for the taking.

The hardest thing for a noob is deciding where to build your base camp and when to ditch it and move north. The southern rivers are great game design, it’s difficult for me to leave.

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