My saga character is locked

I just returned and played on the Saga server and was wanting to play my character that was transfered to Crom. Im a f2p so Im only allowed a certain number of slots so my Saga character is locked. Is there a way to lock a different character? Should we have been given another character slot for this or is the deal to pay premium now or pay to unlock another slot?


The characters created for the Feb Saga Server all created new slots on existing accounts. If you had one of the new F2p accounts you should have had 1 character slot and when you made your Saga character that should have up’d you to 2 slots.

If that’s the case and your saga character in the 2nd slot is locked I’d say get a hold of customer support.

I had an older F2p account with 3 slots and the saga character created a 4th slot for me that’s unlocked.

the character slot was awarded only on accounts where the saga character reached level 20.