My screen FREEZEs every time


Hey there,

I would like to share my trouble in hope that maybe some of you could help me out.
As my experience does not seem to concern other players I believe my problem might me related to my settings / hardware / software rather than being an ingame Bug. ( I also do blame Funcom for it’s poor optimization of the game but let’s not vocalize that).

What is happening is that every fight my screen freezes for 1~2 seconds.
I see it as a complete freeze: I run at around 60fps, combat starts then my screen freezes, fps counter shows next 15fps and goes back up to 55 (well, I have an fps drop during a fight, that is to be expected).

I will list my computer specs below, but having too low specs is not an issue here.

I believed it was due to the amount of graphic effects that come with the abilities cast at the start of a fight BUT :

  • It did not seem to matter if I am in Duo Scenario, a Dungeon or a Raid, always same freeze.
  • I lowered my GFX settings but this did not help.

Then I conducted a few tests: during a BM Lair I would get as close as possible to the mobs, so I was drowning in spell effects, but no freeze was noticed, not even a considerable framerate drop.
Being in the middle of a storm of abilities would not trigger it.

Then I noticed a second thing:
Even if I was completely away of the fight, but I would enter combat mode because of some mechanic that initiates the fight for everyone : I would freeze.

I proceeded with a test on mobs that do not trigger combat mode when other members start a fight :
So during same run with the same people using same builds so same spells, no relogs, no reloaduis > if I am on standby in the middle of effects, no fps drop but if I throw a single punch that makes me enter combat mode I get an immediate freeze.

The ping is steady and does not affect nor get affected by the freeze.

It is extremely annoying to have your game freeze with every fight especially when you have waves of mobs.

Has anyone encountered this kind of trouble before?

My specs :

  • GTX 1060 6Gb Windforce OC
  • i5 6th gen
  • 16Gb RAM
  • OS on SSD, Game on SSHD drive (Hybrid, part SSD, part HDD, allocates most used files in the SSD cache so I have quick load screens for regions I visit often but slow ones for regions I don’t play that often :slight_smile: )
  • WIn 10
  • I am running the game on highest settings, with ~75fps on less populated areas and ~60fps when in Raid. (We will not discuss Agartha)


I can’t remember which it is, but at least one of these settings can cause bad lag at 4 for ingame settings.
Also LoMS guild has a post about settings for NVidia that may help out as well:

I have a similar setup to you (1060 6gb, 15gb ram, Ryzen 1800x) and only run into the stuttering you describe on rare occasions, and I got loads of mods too.


Thank you for your answer.
I have stumbled upon the LoMS thread but as I am not a member I could not download the config file and the settings are not described in the thread :confused:

I will have to ask the Guild for permission to access the file.
I’ll let you know what comes of it :slight_smile:

EDIT : it seems a simple registration on the LoMS forum was enough to allow me access to the files. I will test them later tonight.


Hmmm … I missed your answer :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Their forum isn’t limited to guild members from what I’ve seen. You should be able to register and get the file =)


I deleted my post because I hadn’t yet tested the results. I’ve now run the same content I was having trouble with yesterday and today there was no problem with stuttering or frame drop.

I went in to the profile inspector and on the general profile, scrolled down to the frame rate settings and limited it to 60 fps. Then clicked apply.

Apparently, according to one website I looked out, windows updates overwrites this setting, so keep the application handy. If you get the same problem again, it may be because Windows has overwritten your settings.


this is a common problem I have with this game now for the past two month or so , notably during the HEL winter event and ever since, on average I can be in the middle of something be it a dungeon, standing by a vendor in sunken library or just chilling in Agatha and my entire pc will just lock up , this only happens when playing SWL and no other game , and if I was not on game and using pc as a music station , then I suffer no pc freezes of lock up, just only with SWL, lost count amount of times ive frozen up totally and by time got back in game ive ever lost the loot chest or been removed from a group, so, its something ive come to live with when playing swl from June’s headstart - to the advent of HEL game played great , from HEL to present ( 2nd march 2018 ) there’s not a week since my pc hasn’t locked up for the record

Graphics AMD Radeon R9 390 8gb
Win 10
32 GB
AMD FX 9590 8 core processor
550 GB SDD ( game installed )
2x 1 TB HDD


The changing of the setting is likely from windows auto updating your graphics driver. If you want better control over when that happens you can disable driver auto updates in Win10.


Update on my matter:

THANK YOU @Dante for bringing up the LoMS post.
The profile inspector settings made my game run smoothly (or at least in a smoother way).

Unfortunately it did not get rid of the graphic hick-up on fight start.
But I managed the issue after rethinking the system :

It always occured on fight start. Which could point to some process that works only in Combat Mode.
I have ACT but I was getting a hickup even when the program was not launched.

Then I remembered I installed a parsing mod for ACT. It supposedly helps ACT to go through the log file.

This addon is evil! It was the source of my hickups.
I was angry at it and was very brutal in removing it.
I simply deleted the folder while running a KD Lair, then with a swift /reloadui all my problems went away.

The bug did not reoccur since I removed TSWACT.

Thank you all for your help :slight_smile:


I’ve also had good results doing /reloadui when my framerate drops during regional boss runs. For some reason, the longer the fights go on, the lower my FPS gets. My theory is that the massive amount of information in my chat windows (loot, damage received, damage dealt, healing provided, etc.) as well as the actual chat going on (since our group is a pretty chatty bunch) is plugging up the works. When I get below 20 FPS, i do a /reloadui and my framerate goes back up to the 30-60 I had at the start of the boss farm.


Interesting. A similar mechanic as for the Postal Service: even 20 mails left behind will make your AH opening time painful.
I still do remember the one time Bartuof was loading his AH 25mins, and the Delte All command took 35 mins to run.


That just goes to show the code is very inefficient.


We are using Effects UI, it is a vital mod and even if it would be the source of crashes I could not go without it.
But thanks for pointing at a potential culprit there :confused:


Sadly one of my really worst experiences in terms of performance in years of gaming. Never imagined it would run so badly in March 2018.

I am only playing the starter missions/tutorial. Graphic settings have no impact on performance. Hours of trying to stop the load lag (tried all sorts of settings; and of course the Full Client is supposed to be loaded). Immersion and fun lost is horrific performance.

I should not need to install and load a special NVIDIA profile. FunCom should have fixed this.


The lag has somehow gone today (in London).

  • Texture 1 or 2
  • View Distance 4
  • World Detail 4

Ironically, contrary to popular belief, View Distance and World Detail at 4 reduces the load lag (when there are few players around). This will not be the case if your issue is GPU power. Why it helps for the loading hiccups : because you want to load everything around as much as possible instead of haviing it load every 15 feet (my GPU has 4 GB along with 16 GB of RAM).

The reason may also be that there are few players at this time: maybe the load lag is when the game loads in other player data in the vicinity (just a theory; though my Internet is quite fast though also).

I will nonetheless try what is proposed in this thread (I still ask Funcom to focus on this issue: don’t think I am alone and it breaks the first experience).


Using the NVIDIA profile offered by The League of Monster Slayers, I have almost no lag at all, even with Textures at 4, etc. The issue is really not graphics as such. It is a load lag glitch that stalls FPS, but this profile steamlines the issue.

Even in London or populated areas, the tiny load lags now are fine (not game breaking).


I agree, but I doubt that we’ll get optimization to that level being that a lot of the bugs I saw when starting SWL (as a new player) seemed to be listed from years ago in the old TSW forums. I’d love to see the game get the TLC it needs, just don’t see it happening.