My server is not showing up in the server browser

Thank you guys, I double checked and I was doing something wrong with direct connect, it works. There’s still the servers list issue, but at least I can play.

I have in favorites about 20 servers.All official.Sometimes they show all-sometimes just some of them.Refresh not helps.But if you turn off game and start again-all ok

  • Can’t see server in server browser list.
  • Can’t direct connect to server.
  • Can direct connect to server, play for some time (hours), then get disconnected and can neither see it in list nor direct connect to it again.
  • Can ping server without fail. There is a network path to the server - it’s not an internet/routing issue.

Either this is a Funcom server developer’s problem, or a Funcom/Steam infrastructure issue.
Either way, the longer this problem goes on the more players you’re going to lose.
There are thousands of other games out there that Just Work and do not require this much trouble to play.

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Already paid a year in advance for server rental :confused:

Anyway, we have tried refreshing, restarting game, Steam, pc, and the server itself a thousand times and it is totally random when it decides to show. SOMETIMES it does, most often it does not. Driving us crazy. Like I said above, even deleting the whole server without mods did not fix. :sleepy: sad day.

Mine too, but they still connect via Direct Connect.
Only one of my servers appears, but not others. They are only available via Direct Connect.

Sadly, direct connect means no new players as they cannot see it in the first place.

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I’m not attacking anyone on here but I’ve been following this thread and I’m noticing an odd trend. Allow me to ask…do many of you not advertise or use Discord or a similar service? I can tell you from experience, just creating a private server and having it list doesn’t usually result in much attention. Most of us engage in advertising in any and all manner we can and it can still quite often be a struggle to attract new players. Also, we have a Discord. The second this problem appeared we sent out notifications and we’ve always kept our Direct Connect address posted (both in Discord and in our ads). We haven’t lost any players due to the server not appearing on the lists and we’ve even had a few new peeps join since it started. Just some friendly advice, diversify.

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I get that, but there are alot of people who don’t use discord or who joined the server on a whim and now can no longer find it.
It comes down to Funcom’s master server list not working and nothing to do with advertising.


It’s your choice how you run things but I’m not paying to run a server just to sit back and let the wind take it where it may.

Not having a method of communication with my players just seems a nonsensical move, especially with a game like Conan that has a storied history of ‘glitches’. One doesn’t have to use Discord but having no clear channel to talk to, or get feedback from, your players seems odd considering it’s your dime.

Morever, I’m curious just how many people truly join a private server, on a whim, simply by scrolling through the server lists. Is this a common practice? For what type of servers…PvP? PvE? PvE-C? Do these players have a history of staying or do they bounce constantly? To that end, what matters more to you as a server owner…committed players that want to stay and help your server grow or flash-in-the-pan players that bounce in, boost your numbers, then disappear?

I’m not trying to attack anyone, but those two points seem to be a running theme in this thread and it simply makes no sense to me. Is the server list not working properly? Yep, add it to the long list of issues that we’ve encountered with this game over the years. Should this really be that big of an issue considering the servers are there and working, just not appearing on the list? Perhaps I put more energy and focus into my server, I can’t say, but this issue hasn’t been an issue for me and I’m sure I’m not alone.

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I think they fixed it today! At least it sure seems to be running correctly now. I am so happy, yay :heart_eyes:

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Perhaps you put too much energy and focus into this thread


Because I gave my opinion on a public forum?

My server showed up even tho we had Outfit Mgr update (before & after mod update)! I stress tested it too, changing server name etc and it showed up correctly every time. Awesome! :star_struck: Thanks so much Funcom!

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No. Because you tried to make this thread about superior advertisement and take away from the simple fact that our servers were not showing up as they should for natural traffic (which is how most of us began playing in the first place, remember?) :sunglasses:


For myself I have a small 10 person server mainly for family and friends. But leave it open since there are a few spots left. So people are welcome to come and go. It’s a chill server, no admin interaction, and some people really like the no interference. They just want to build freely and be left alone. So with the server list down they can’t come back.

Now with that being said. This is a BUG thread in a BUG forum. Whether it’s a non issue for you or not it’s a BUG funcom needs to know about and your condescending opinion has no place in a bug forum.


Wasn’t making it about superior advertising, just trying to find out why people do things the way they do. Is that what you consider ‘natural traffic’? I don’t know how most of you began, I began playing solo and then, through an advertisement and engagement through Discord, joined a private server. Again, public forum so anyone is allowed to voice an opinion, comment, or question.

Thank you, that’s a helpful explanation of something I did not understand, since my experience has been different. My server is also small but has been open to the public since I started it. Most anyone that’s joined us has done so because they saw something we posted but if you’re getting them just through the lists, more power to you. I didn’t think that method alone really yielded many results. Again, thank you for the pleasant response.


Not sure how long you’ve hosted but it tends to go either way. Either players join via server list and then choose to stick around or players actively seek a server that meets their requirements via 3rd party advertising whether it is the forum, discord channels, other web sites.

This is a large issue for a lot of people because there are still a fair amount of players who will join via server browser and play for a few hours scoping out the server. They may or may not have time or have made the decision to join the servers discord, or website or whatever yet. Next time they go to play, the server is not in the list and they think to themselves, “Whelp, that was fun while it lasted.” and they move along to find another.

That being said, it appears the issue has been resolved, at least for me. All 4 of my servers are showing in the list consistently for the past couple of days, at least. So thanks for fixing this, whoever was responsible!

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Nous avons plusieurs serveurs (5 en tout), JcE détendu , JcE hard, avec et sans modd, ainsi qu’un RP-JcJ.
Certains joueurs vont sur plusieurs de nos serveurs, et lorsquils ne sont pas visibles dans la liste, la connexion directe ne fonctionne quasiment jamais.
C’est surtout cela qui me gêne personnellement, un accès compliqué à nos serveurs.
En tant que modératrice des cinq serveurs, j’ai aussi des difficultés à rejoindre un serveur lorsqu’un joueur a besoin de moi, c’est encore plus gênant…
Et j’ai l’impression que toujours aucune solution n’a été trouvée malheureusement

Guys,looks like they fix this issue yestoday,waiting for a official confirmation!