My solution to offline wiping of bases

PArt of the issue with raiding, is a majority are only for complete wipes. This is probably the main reason i hear why no one wants to play, or quits, CE. They don’t want 2 months of game play completely wiped in 2 hours when they had RL things to do for a couple of days.

My solution to make it extremely expensive to foundation wipe is as follows:

  1. New T4 foundation structures (just add 5-20 Demon blood to current recipes). But not all building pieces. I am talking about foundations and wedge foundations only. 600,000 HP. This
    makes it VERY expensive to completely wipe someone who has invested in these. Make them not place-able on top of ceilings. This will only make them usable for the actual foundations and walls. to limit height of these, use a vertical stability. same as now. so 5 high is as high as the wall could go. Can’t place fencing on them, and finally they can only be placed on flat surface ala crafting stations. Raiders will still be able to get thru doors and ceilings that are T3 or below, as is now and I think what raiding should be. So raiding a base costs the same, but foundation wiping can cost you a s#!+ load.
  2. Up the HP of all improved stations. I am talking 200,000 HP. They aren’t lockable, so exploiting them for safe storage is off the table. And would again, cost you some bombs to wipe them.

The goal is to make people raid for loot and (gulp!!!) fun, and if they want to wipe someone, to have to invest a major amount. This would not in my opinion affect solo players on PVP, as they could still raid. One would just would have to figure out a tactic and breach points. You know, strategy, and not just a mega ton of bombs and gods.


I think you are missing the reason why raiding is mostly equal to wiping. The raidmaterials which are cheapest now are wiping all stuff as a collateral damage. Reinstating orbs or normal weapon damage to buildings would quickly fix this issue.

Don’t receive yourself though that raiding is an extended form of griefing. It’s the endgame. If you build a little bit clever you should not get wiped in 2h though?!

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no build is safe from offline raiding. if someone has been unopposed on a server for months, they have thousands of bombs, and probably hundreds of gods, along with zeal frozen in fridges. So yeah, when you get on for a week, then take 1 day off (hell take half the raid time off), the alpha decides to wipe your base, there is no stopping them.

I think off line raiding would not be so bad (and i am not complaining,stating a fact that offline is the most efficient way to wipe some one) if timers were put on dragon powder, tnt, explosive arrows, gas/demon orbs, hell all raw mats should have a decay timer. With maybe the exception of stone, iron ore,tar and branches. Most stuff starts to degrade/decay over time. And make it so these things can’t be frozen in fridges. Ice crystals harm a majority of mats. Fridges should be for consumables only. They are class in the description, just code it that is the only stuff that interacts with the fridge, and then set some timers (even long ones) on all other items. I know, i know, hoarders will say i farmed it, why should i lose it over time. Well i mined my stuff, why should I lose my stuff just because I don’t log in right at raid time every day. Answer to both, it is a game, and balancing between griefing and fun game play is what benefits the majority. And wiping being the goal of a majority of players is not fun and healthy for server pops.

I think you are exaggerating. There are plenty of pillar bases on officials that haven’t been raided yet. Ofc your farmbase might get attacked but your pillar base is pretty safe.

Just add offline protection, while adding 24/7 raids for pvp.
If you add a 30-60 min delay after someone logged off (i.e. because someone started to raid that guy), this wouldnt be exploitable in terms of turning invincible.

However I do agree on stations being upped in their HP.
Then again, as most people put their storage near their stations, it’s basically “their own fault”.

As a sidenote: pve-c should probably become 24/7 pvp without raids.

There seems to be a glitch which allows a certain god to wipe pillar bases even if they are protected by some dome. idk if that is one thing to be fixed with that incoming patch though.
Also you forgot about hidden bases which are eighter hidden by environment (such as high up in a tree in the swungle, carefully placed so it’s almost invisible) or just somewhere where people never look for a base. And yes, there are such places - even though a few of them ARE known. It’s just that there are so many of these… hehe.

not radied does not mean unraidable. go to a populated server, all bases have been hit/wiped at one time or another. i have been on 10+ servers, and been part of multiple tower raids. Jhebal is truly a beast master, is all i am saying. once in, it’s:
_boom, boom, boom, _
lets get of rid these rooms.
boom, boom, boom,
_lets wipe them off the server _
with our TNT brooms.

Lyrics curtisy of The band Jhebal Sag and the the Dynamites.

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Well you can’t balance raiding/building while there are glitches like this outside. I hope we agree on that.

I think a proper solution would be more defense systems that raiders need to overcome. It is really a shame that there is no proper game mechanic revolving around raiding. The raidtimer is also a flawed solution. Just so easy to grief with building outside of raid times.


i totally agree.

Maybe another solution to reduce offline raiding, is raid time is 24/7, with one rule. 1 player has to be on from the clan being attakced. And to prevent log off defense, the “offline” status does not start until 30 minutes after they log off for un-damged stuff, 1 hour for stuff that already has taken damage.

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That is another problem, that most balancing changes were made in favour of bigger clans and to the disadvantage of solo players who’s stuff is just worth less now.

again, it would be a setting for officials. default off for solo/coop gamers. With most of my suggestions, it should be assumed that it would be a setting if something to do with timers and hp.

If you are soling on PVP official, well then that is already a disadvantage, as clans usually farm you at x times the amount.

I like the idea. Still the problem remains that you can’t remove griefing builds and farmbases when no one is online. perhaps a buff only for the mainbase?

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As well, i am not tlaking about really fast timers like food. I am talking 48 hours per on explosives, and 7 days on other stuff.

I think this is too much for single players who don’t progress that fast. Your materials that you need to repair equipment can’t decay. The idea is that you should use stuff rather then hoarding it. The total amount of raiding mats on a server should converge to a certain amount. That people are just keeping so many archpriests/gods/dragon powder is rather a sign that there is no good way to spend them at the moment.

agreed, plus as servers die, people who stay just farm and treat it as a PVE server. So basically if you have been on a dead server, something that would bore me tbh, then you just have an insane amount of stuff. And as soon as any clan shows up in some numbers, or a solo builds a “smart” base, they wipe by spam bombing, spam godding and animal lagging before they get a foot in the ground, much less past level 30. Then server stays dead, and just acrue more stuff…for what i have no idea.

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Haha yes, the PvP servers feel like PvE indeed. I think the main factor here is the event log, which is like a red button that might summon the alpha clan.

The amount of trouble my clan gets into is usually because the alpha or one of their “friends” has pet pens scattered all over the map, wide open. So we may help ourselves to a free sample every once in a while. then they get all but hurt. Because you know, the 100+ pets in their yard isn’t enough. Or god forbid, a i grab 1 stack of blue gils out of the 50 traps they have scattered all over open. So they show up, level our base. Then we decide, yeah we should grind and blow the hell out of their main base. Not win a war, but to show them how easy it is to do without anything. But the life of a nomad can grow tiresome. Now that i think about it, my clan and i are living the life of Conan. Roaming from server to server, trying to find peace. But only find war and death.

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There are private servers that have raiding only on weekends. I also think offline raiding is usually a problem but I think funcom just needs to come out with more items to defends and attack online bases aside from gods and god bubbles. Yes how you build is defiantly key but they could introduce mounted crossbows for example or battering rams.


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