My stuff dissappeared and shouldn't have

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This is the 2nd time I’ve had structures on a 2 week timer disappear in less time. This time it was my primary stronghold, a huge castle full of all my crafting benches, hours upon hours of materials, etc. I’ve logged into this game like clock work about twice a week to make sure this stuff didn’t disappear. If my structure and items cannot be restored I will be done with Funcom period. Enough is enough with the bugs and glitches. I have endured them for months to enjoy the game but being stripped of hours and hours of work because of a glitch is the last straw.

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Today it’s a 1-week timer. Funcom gives 2 weeks only for some holidays - Christmas or summer vacations time.


Had this happen to me for less than 24 hours

Check the logs and see if the reason is decay or another reason. Timer is 1 week unless your on a private server

Hello @Criosdaidh, as it has been mentioned the decay timer is currently 1 week for Official servers.

This information has been previously shared in the following announcements:

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