My submission to the Fashion Contest

Hi guys!

So, I already submitted my creation to the contest. I hope it’s OK to share it here, because I’m dying to know what you fine people think of it. Don’t spare the criticism.
I tried to create an Isle of Siptah related theme. I hope you like it. Although this is a heavy armor, it’s not the best choice for battle unless you equip it on a spawned “titan thrall”, so aesthetics were the main guiding line.
I’m on PS5, so mods are off limits… :pensive:
Here goes nothing:


The male version on my character. It has no dramatic changes.


If any of you wants to replicate it for RP purposes, here’s how:

If you can’t get the dye tones right (it’s trickier than it seems, because the color you choose is not always the color you get on a piece or consistent among them all), ask and I’ll check.


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