My suggestion for earning "Crom" coins

What if… after or during completing all level’s of battlepass you could keep going to earn crom coins?

It’s pains me that i need make purchase for real money, but it would make this game more intresting and less p2w.
Not many can afford those crom coins.

My idea is making those mission’s much better, like:
Gold mission’s will give you 10 crom’s
Purple mission’s will give you 6 crom’s
Green mission’s would give you 4 crom’s
And lastly Grey one’s will give you 2 com’s

That would make it better… but it depends on ppl that play’s this game and dev’s

But what about you guys?
Is it good idea?
Or you guys have better ones?

if they did this , then they will have to make it official server only. gotta be hard not easy moddable

I would have the entire bazaar selection unlocked in a day or so. Less if I want to put some real cheese to it.

Wanna turn conan into gta?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

No, no, no Conan doesn’t have a casino yet. We have to do these things in the proper order. We are still waiting for the “Corruption Cards” (aka, Shark cards for gta) to be purchasable. Maybe after those come out we can demolish Sepermeru (set city) and build the casino there as relic hunters are good with numbers and all. Then we can move on to the cards after that. Must keep the flow.

Or just Vanilla game, it would be nice to grind those coins in both official server and single player.
I do agree about modded version’s could be dangerous, that would cause… a chaos in many ways.

But i cant stand about not being buy something out of bazzar, or buy another age nad chapter

Ok, here we go; in Conan exiles waiting on stew :zzz:
I’m doing the journeys because I some how have done most of them twice but not on my Pubserver :thinking:

Any how I am board to death. So doing what I need to then I guess I’ll go choke on a money hook wrapped in cotton candy. All the 50X boost did for me was rocket me through the battle pass so I have 0 to do.

Unlike some I don’t nonstop build. Not saying a drop base or 3 doesn’t need a make over; cooking those mats too, but :yawning_face:

Now if I had cra… challenges to do, I’d be out doing them. But I don’t want croms, I want obolus.

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That would be pure madness,
Crom coins are a bargaining chip between playful customer satisfaction and current currency that allows the team to fill their bellies, yacht and ferrari tanks.

Putting in free Croms is economic suicide

@DeaconElie’s alternative for Obulos appears more sobering

No, it’s not.

Still a bad idea.

If they allowed grinding CCs in single-player via challenges, they would have to make challenges a lot harder, so you can’t cheese them. And you know what’s Funcom idea of “harder”, right? They don’t make things challenging, they make them longer to complete, i.e. more boring.

I’m thankful for the opportunity they gave us to do BP challenges in single-player, because sometimes a challenge will pop up that can’t even be done in Exiled Lands (and they don’t give a shіt about fixing that, apparently), or doing it involves spending resources on crafting yet another copy of a thing I don’t need a million copies of, or something equally boring/useless/buggy/cumbersome.

In short, being able to do challenges in single-player is what allows me to compensate for Funcom’s apparent inability to make their challenges fun and engaging. I don’t want to lose that just because people want to buy overpriced cosmetics from the BLB shop but don’t want to pay money for it.

If you think BLB is overpriced – which I wholeheartedly agree with – the solution is not to ask for free CC handouts, the solution is to not buy spend the money on it and let Funcom know why. If that makes them fix the prices, so much the better. If it doesn’t, it means their monetization strategy is working out for them and you can’t compete with the whales.

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