My suggestions thus far <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< save DEVS some time

  • bandages are not used unless item is not wielded (so no more OOPS I just wasted yet another one…)
  • press a button when out of the inventory screen to drop an item (so one may quickly drop an item if suddenly over-encumbered when combat begins, etc.)
  • when an item is used up, the blank space is filled so one’s inventory is not filled with gaps
  • when building something, a pop-up appears to warn the person that by placing the construction, something will not be able to spawn, or perhaps ask them if they would like it to spawn anyways…
  • human remains are not dropped if something is dropped with it (such as an item needed for one’s diety, ice shard, etc.) so no more having to constantly delete human remains when only the diety’s relics are wanted.
  • some way to name the animals for when the cursor is on them…
  • able to unequip while the inventory screen is open
  • bed/bedroll becomes unusable if one dies of thirst or hunger twice in a row


Another one:

have a way to retrieve a throwing ax, etc. when thrown into a pet or thrall…

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