My take on Isle of Siptah

Pros & Cons
Healing, it has always been a problem being able to heal all of your life and get back into battle. or roll away and heal, and then continue the fight. The new Healing system is a good feel. at the start it is very difficult, as you are being hit by hits you should be able to dodge (iframe). which isnt the healings fault but the games fault in Lag, and having no indicators (such as Thag).
Healing outside come back is fairly quick which gives someone still the ability to come back to the fight as long as they successfully ran away. which is good. because it now has a higher skill cap for fighters.
Healing inside of combat, is now calculated. spamming food every second is and was once again a lower skill cap. You now, have to time your heal, and use your heal when you “can”.
This healing system, allows those that “can” fight to show they have a better skill cap then those that spam(heals or auto attacks) to win. in turn it also keeps you always at risk, fighting monsters around the world, at any time you can get jumped and with low life you now have fear for being busy. keeping you always in check.
10seconds(5secs for legendary bandage) for a bandage to heal you, is a correct approach.
1-2second potion animation feels good, get out of a close death, use a heal with just amount of time to use the potion, and now 1v10is even more possible. because you can end a fight within seconds. and if you were not able to kill them, you were able to back them off for 10-15seconds giving you time to deal with those around you.
Not being able to Heal on a horse, is WONDERFUL counter for this OP animal. you now have to engage or disengage correctly. running around and around freely poking people is NO LONGER AN OPTION. Also with Horses not being able to ride in the storm is nice. which makes it so foot soldiers have meaning.
([Need to confirm] You also cant use a potion in the mealstorm, which is interesting for combat. Not sure if this is good or bad yet.)

Legendary Craftable Kits, This is Amazing! is its expensive? yes, is it ideal? not sure yet. but being able to CRAFT kits for combat/war is such a great idea. I hated that we had legendary items that people couldnt use in war, because they are scared to lose them in war. now you can use elite weapons and armors more freely.
Legendary Weapons now have unique EFFECTS. and not just that but they are copies of each other. this is wonderful. there is a poison weapon for each class. and so forth for each other effect. NOW you can choose what fits your play style. will there be a META? sure, there will always be. and that will need adjustments to fit. but the fact you can use other weapons is CHOICE. Thank you for that. Do i want to see more effects yes.
Such as Armors, right now there are limited armors. i think it would be awesome if there was Max type for each type, and combo for each type. (stats) right now it seems Heavy has this set, and light has this set. which could be interesting if you’re aiming for a specific way you want armors to work.

Wild Surge, These are interesting take for adding Thralls into the game. however it can be abused. as people can camp and build in those locating, taking those thralls for their self. is that okay? sure, people should be able to control outcome of things. but it may become a problem someday. It is nice that you can go to a Temple, and summon thralls as well, this helps balance surge camping. however Temples dont seem easy to understand.

Mealstorm, I love the idea of this storm. i also like knowing there is an open land that is hard to stay livable. which cuts the map to two side. I like the open land, i like there are alot of pillars and caves, and options to have a base. on the ground, air, inside. i like that the most of the water was closed off for bases. keeps the game forced on being an island.

Temperature, This one is still off, it is cold and hot but not really any locations of being either. let along dangerously hot or cold. And it seems the base placeables, are still universal, insulation could be for COLD, normal for HOT areas. but it is all just all or what ever. all armors are all. which is weird but does bug me, because there is no locations of being hot or cold.

I like that locations have more interest. this makes it so people go to hot spots to farm, and are at risk for being attacked or kills by monster or players. this is a good thing. anything that makes it so we engage in combat is good, it gets boring when there is no conflict. PvPvE

Dungeons, I love these new interacting locations, that are CRITICAL for growth. you must go to them if you want end game stuff. i just wish there was more to them. more puzzles, more things to interact with. maybe multi doors that open with a key that you only get 1 of.
Having them limited is a good idea, as they then can be cleared by everyone with some sort of safety. and keeping Rare mats RARE and limited. making endgame items, and activities interesting.

Recipes, I love this so much, i love that recipes randomly drop from chest and npcs. this makes all of the recipes rare, and more balanced. someone that gets one, now is one that maybe the ONLY one that has one. (for a long time) Keeping in mind, i dont know if there are random ones through out the new map. but for the old ones this is good. having some LUCK is a good thing in a game.

Sigils, no idea what these do, nor how to enter the Tower yet.

i still think building placeables should be “SKINS” and not placeables. there should only be 4 types. Sandstone, Brick, Ice and Hardbrick. and all the DLC and addon, are just skins you place over the said placeables. (likewise for DLC weapons/armors. i want this weapon skin, but can use it because it is garbage late game.)
I still think Star metal T4 bases should be added, even if it is a small amount of more HP
i still think there should be a TAX for your placeables, each day. to help limit spam, and HUGE buildings. The game already has lag issues and having large builds only adds to it. im not saying someone or a group cant have a large base, but a cost to keep it should be added.
I still think, Pets should be able to compete with ELITE T4 thralls. Though they seems to be very hard to get, which helps balance them.

This is a good patch.

Thanks for reading.

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