My thoughts for better gameplay

My thoughts after playing hard.

Unusable Items should be sell-able or possible for dismantle even for small amount of scrap.
Armor should give you only Armor points and extra perks like now.
Extra live should be given by skills only. Increase number of live given by mutations/skill. (16 skill points for 1 HP for Bormin ?? Should be a least 5 with above mechanics)
Fire Grenades should hurt for more damage initially, not only per turn with the Bar upgrade or special items or special skills. Currently using grenades (except EMP or Smoke) is not worth it.


I think grenades are fine as they are, actually. It’s the one of the few attacks that always have guaranteed to-hit rate. Not to mention they’re very effective against enemies in high cover, just like the grenades in real life.

The one thing I would like is having more or all mutations bought active at the same time. At least the active mutations.