My thrall went off the map and died

So my thrall went off the map and died he was not responding to commands and went south until he was gone I farmed a while for the equipment and now im mad why is that a thing?

(Official Server #8013 PvE)

Sadly, I cannot offer much help. The “Rescue Thrall” option can help in extreme cases: The equipment is lost, but at least the thrall survives. A good thrall is harder to get than most equipment*.

*looking at you, Sword of Crom, at least in my games.

But… what I have to say: There seems to some tragedy in that story. What was the thrall looking for in the south? His past? Freedom? Love? Or maybe, he actually was trying to kill himself to escape a hopeless existence?


damn thanks anyway, its a pain to grind for armor just for this to happen…

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