My Thralls are getting hungry and I am getting nervous

I looked in my event log this morning to check to see if there was damage or any dead thralls due to the purge. All of my thralls are hungry and starving.

I know it has been said that we no longer need to feed them but can choose to feed them if we want to buff them. But the whole thing seems counter intuitive and a little nerve wracking.

Due to the fact that I check logs all the time, am I forever going to see the hungry or hangry thralls in my list. Because sifting through a page of starvation to find if I need to replace a thrall is tedious at best. Same with pets.

If the thralls no longer die from starvation I would suggest removing that element from the logs.

Keep the “Returning Home” and the “Died by X Creature” but we need to do away with the “Hungry Reports”.

Has anyone lost a thrall currently from starvation?

Cuz I’m getting nervous. So I dropped some honey on the Thralls I am worried about replacing. Like my 23 Freyas


No losses. They only loose hp defined by the setting. I can’t say anything about the buffs. If you don’t want it you should deactivate it. On modded servers this feature is bugged anyway.

Well Palm522 reported a thrall dying and other warning of hunger back on March 5 … so personally i’m not going to risk it despite Funcom’s assurance that they won’t die when hunger meets 0/100 … i’m willing to test it on an unwanted thrall but none I want to keep.

Wasn’t this before the last patch? I think it’s stable now.

hello there, it seem they are not dying . i have a few sitting a 0 health (left it to observe them) and they are still alive.

but it is a good practice to feed them i am confident they will have have to bring back the hunger system alongside the system they have in place , just to avoid people to use thralls as griefing.

here is the final word of fucom in that matter Can we have a FINAL WORD about the thralls Hunger display and i can confirm that it’s just a visual issue as at least 3 of my thralls should have starved by now and thet haven’t.

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Thanks Palm & Roro for your replies … good to know they are sitting on 0/100 without damage.
I’m sticking with Palm on this and keeping them fed as a “just in case”.
Funcom is considering ways we can get rid of unwanted thralls & pets efficiently without having to resort to elaborate kill schemes… they call us monsters when we simply want to peacefully cull the herd whilst at the moment they force us to drag our thralls into lava, drop from great heights or throw them into battle they can not win …
but yes indeed Palm, with the thralls surviving simply because someone logs into the game every 14 days …the prospect of thralls being deliberately left where it will cause problems on official severs is high…

After the recent Purge spawn location debacle I’ve turned off that plus hunger and thirst, because I can’t trust the devs working on those things not to screw things up.

What purge spawn location debacle? What’s going on now ?

Ok. I guess I’ll trust it. I have so many bees and honey and now I realize I dont need honey at all for almost anything.

My suggestion to FC would be to allow a variety of foods for the buffs. Lobster. Shredded Roast. Grilles steak and Honch. Perhaps exotic fish.

Currently right now the small fish and small shellfish are really the only important thing about fish traps.

Fish Strips are amazing. But id like to think if I were to use the thrall pots that I could give them a wider variety diet

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