My top list of wants for the game

Here are some things that would be on my top list of things I’d like to see added to the game.

I’ll like to preface this by saying I’m playing on ps4, so, things may have been added or nodded into the game on pc.

An ability to search for a particular item via craft menu. If I type in a phrase “foundations”, the foundations appear, and everything else is filtered. Etc. having to scroll endlessly for an item to craft is too tedious.

A way to change the music: a music box or something. A way to play the music from the different regions you visit - but don’t often go because of “reasons”. We have a room that can bend space and time, but we don’t have music. Can even make the music drop from one of the bosses in the zone if you wanted.

Can we paint/recolor the walls? We have the ability to do it for gear. Can we add dye to the walls to change their color scheme? (Either they’re stacked in our inventory) add some variety.

Can we rename our weapons?

We find books, and notes throughout - can we write our own? Like a journal or something, even allow such to be made readable/placeable for players? How else am I going to make my novel series, “The Seductive Cimmerian”?

Ability to issue commands/pose/have thralls and pets not be so … lifeless. Can we have pets wall a smallish route/circle like they do in the wild? Have thralls walk a patrol, (10x10 boxish?) we see npcs doing this in the wild, can they do this once they’ve been tamed? Seen in the trailers (Debaucheries of Derketo to be exact) the npcs all doing emotes, it looks lively, it looks active. It doesn’t look like you walked in and spoiled the party. Or that all your thralls are under Manchurian Candidate operatives. Being able to have thralls do emotes adds to the experience. Simply having pets being able to sit, like wolves or tigers laying down or something doesn’t add to the guilt of me not taking them for walks because their standing at attention every time.

Where is all the decorations at? I see skeleton bodies on spikes, and all we are able to get is a skull? Let us impale some would be misbehavers and stack them up like corpse forest. There are other decorations in the game we don’t have access to, whether it’s because they’re being implemented later or no current plans - we do not haves.

Armor racks/mannequins. A place to view all our goodies, and no, parading expressionless thralls doesn’t quiet work.

Something do do with all them dragon bones, maybe a dragon themed armor, since we have weapons already. Darfari already use bones, so it’s not a stretch to have another bone themed armor but using dragon.


you can write notes and place em, its in the artisan bench w tons of other placeables. also theres a dragonbone weapons set if ya didnt know 8]

Dragon bone weapons, yes. But not armor. I can pump out all the arrows I want, using them one by one. But that to me seems like a waste.

Something else to do with them altogether would be a bit more satisfying.

As for the notes. I never had luck with them, never gave me the option to write. Just place blank notes or journals.

after you place it, edit. you can def write books in em 8]

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