My update and DLC considerations

I start by saying that the “direction” that the improvements took is very good, there has been a huge improvement in life in the fight with the slaves, I always covered this in the forum, that funcom focused on the greater logistics of its game, which are the slaves , and this can be further explored, and it looks like congratulations.

You really need to continue investing in slaves, and now investing especially in slaves in base, we only have 1 following us, but our bases are full of slaves still without life, with personality almost without movement, take advantage of this new and use it also in “not following” mode, you did an update on the behavior of the slaves on base, very shy they now move a little, they can do a lot more, make our bases much more alive, 90% of us players play alone and not we see other players for many days on the huge map, our slaves at the base are important in our sense of not being alone, the more alive and organic our bases were the better and that is very important for the game.

As for the horse, it’s great that you fixed the “epic mistake” and now we can use the horse and the slave, this is very important, BUT something equally important was missing in the mechanics of the horse, the way of guiding, you went on the difficult path to do of the horse a weapon of war, and we never wanted that, we always wanted the horse to move us and not to kill anything on top of it, guiding the horse through the keyboard is horrible, it is laborious, it is tiring and there is no precision of direction , there should be in the horse’s options wheel an addition (combat mode) that is the existing one that prizes horse fights, and a new one (transport mode) where the horse would be a simple horse for you to go wherever, get to the place to go down and fight, guided by the mouser, likewise we guide the NPC, it is easy, it is intuitive, it is necessary and everyone is used to it, so I will not use the horse yet.

I bought my 10th DLC in the game and if 3 years ago someone told me that I would buy 10 DLCs in a game I would say “are you crazy”, but you guys managed to win me over, and that’s great.

WHAT I LIKED: The DLC has its merits, the Roman columns are very beautiful, the statues and fountains are the highlight of the DLC, the game is very lacking in fountains and items with water, these were the 3 items that made me buy.

WHAT I DIDN’T LIKE: once again I expected something surprising new from the DLC, like that of the horses when the saddles appeared, there was a feeling of newness, I didn’t know I wouldn’t use the horses at first and I was very excited, take into account I’m doing my 10th purchase getting excited is getting more and more difficult and this is natural, although I always take into account that I buy DLCs not 100% for the product, but also to help in the continuity of the game I like.
I found the armor really bad, really bad, I love all the funcom design and this is one of the company’s highlights, but this time in the armor you failed they don’t add anything is very absurdly similar to everything you already have, at least in leather underwear this time they made a male version, because in the cabaret DLC the light armor a man wears a woman’s panties, he lacked to put a volume in his underwear was a simple detail that wouldn’t make the NPC look like a doll without a penis.


I am happy, I need to take the pandemic into account and I know that this is a DLC to generate profits while you work on the biggest expansion, although I questioned the “novelty” and it was missing I am still satisfied it is good to see that you are really listening to the community requests and working on the game I always sympathized a lot with the company and also sympathized with Scott Junior in his recent video, I liked his concern about the slave limit possibly being extended or not applied, all his words showed that he arrived if interacting about the game and is concerned with the well being, as well as the city system, an empty map problem, and the lack of an existing game ecosystem he was aware and even possibly working on all these problems, keep working that for sure we players will continue to support the game as I did for the 10th time.

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A critical complement of the horse’s guide through the keyboard:

It could even implement the same command mechanics as the slave, click “E” twice for the horse to act in movement “battle” the current one where he can draw weapons and guide himself through the keyboard, and click 3 times the “E” for the horse to change for “transport” mode where the guide would be easy and simple through the mouser like the standard NPC.

I don’t need to go to battle with the horse guiding with the keyboard being very difficult, laborious and not necessary, I can go to the battle, or even the dragon … guiding the horse with a simple and easy system which is the mouser , and when I want to enter (battle mode) I activate, just use the battle mode I click “E” 3 times I return to the (transport) mode and return home without all the work that is guiding by the keyboard.

I don’t need 100% of the time to sacrifice myself by guiding the horse for a few possible seconds of fighting on the horse.


I love the game, I read all the comments and I can’t help but agree with many, it is interesting to see that different people have the same “visions” and feelings that I have.

I also think that the game was so focused on construction (and I like building) but it was so focused that the game itself became totally second-rate.

Fumcom needs to work URGENTLY IN THE GAME, and when we talk about the game it is “where to play”, the game is beautiful, but it needs an update and vegetation, the vegetation of the game is well below the general graph, and this damages the general.

But as everyone says the biggest and main problem of the game is the “emptiness” the game is absolutely EMPTY, empty and without “movement” when we find things alive they are “stopped and glued to a point”, there is no life and movement in the game, everything is very empty and still, the interaction of the NPCs with the ground is not as natural as the playable character’s, they seem to slide in the world and you don’t feel their “weight”.

What will make Conan a really interesting game to play besides building (I love building) but that’s not all, it’s just that, a CITY SYSTEM, a living and existing BIOME SYSTEM where creatures interact with each other and also with the player, and not a doll for you to kill, without life, without movement without personality, gets to be boring as if they are not worth killing, it is not pleasant, it does not feel like an “achievement”.

What made me “accept” this update of 5 months of work from fumcom (almost half a year) is the information that there is behind a “major” expansion update, and that it may be with all that we want behind , expansion, city system, filled and alive world … I cling to this information to think, OK they gave us this now to give us the fantastic, I will buy the DLC to signal (keep working on the fantastic) but stay of course, we accept the now thinking about the “near future” I am sure that the thinking of the majority who supported it is the same as mine.

I love the work of funcom, I really think you are struggling and committed to listening to us and doing what we want, that was kind of clear since I play the game literally every day and follow everything, but it sure is more than time from “APPLYING LIFE” to the game, in the NPCs of the world and also in the BASE our slaves who move little and they could be very alive and make us feel like a commander at their base and not part of the almost immovable decoration of the game.

Horses did not come from a DLC, they came in a completely free patch.

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You didn’t understand, DLC brought something new, something that excited me to buy, I wanted to use the saddles, I REALLY was excited I wanted that.

The saddles were something new, of a new mechanic, and that’s why it sold so much, the new one is exciting, this one, like the other 8 DLCs, apart from the horse, doesn’t bring anything NEW, a new mechanic, like "Slave champions “with Champion armor for the” best "slaves that would be something new, a new mechanic introduced with a Champion armor DLC.

This is just an example, but it could also be the introduction of flights in the game, and introducing DLC ​​with saddles … for flights, this would sell a lot, or even the introduction of new mounts, incredible things, not like the elephant mount, nobody want to ride an elephant, DLC with incredible saddles for new mounts, every DLC absolutely every DLC should only exist with something new, something new and always making the old DLCs retroactive as they do with the DLC of the horses, a saddle for each DLC, so all the DLCs would become more and more attractive to be sold, more and more buying a DLC would come with more items, more benefits.

As I said, I bought the DLC, but I didn’t buy excited, and this same lack of excitement, “I’m going to buy to help the game” must have been repeated with many and many should not have bought, so it seems that the game lost strength, the game DID NOT LOSE STRENGTH, the formula of these DLCs that have already saturated by not bringing something really NEW and exciting that makes us buy that on impulse.

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