My very passionate massive suggestions list for you funcom even this title is long

Well here we go it’s time to throw my 50p in to this incredibly annoying yet addicting addition To the formula.

I was very hesitant in crafting this list of useful/QoL/features improvements because the problem nowadays you have to be a content creator to even voice your opinion despite being here longer then most of you guys since Access it’s infuriating how they don’t listen to the small guys!

All in these forums have great ideas it’s almost illogical how they don’t implement any of these additional functions and features, Time stands still for no man unfortunately I know all too well about time constraints, other projects directing resources/men to other areas and to me you’re a very tiny company kudos to your team for delivering a great concept

What my opinion of customer/fan involvement currently!
At best Funcom Involvement towards your community is very minimal, your streams are very informative and focused yet needs refining more Streams even if it’s for an hour get the community involved what I don’t see is engagement very big lack of it personally we want to know what your doing a fan couldn’t care less if your just reskinned a shellback and showing it off.

Community give aways
Engagement with fans
More streams discussing New or at least you guys raiding, why don’t you do a community challenge of a base the community have to raid the winner gets a prize first come first serve in terms of server slots pick a few great builders from the community limit clans to 4 people

On to the prime meat of this discussion balances, QoL, features and the Ai

Now I had a little go of ARK,A go to in terms of supported updates and new content they do a lot well but with all games do a lot wrong!

Conan does things very differently the climbing system it’s perfect the navigation land movement is the slowest it puts me off even with obbys now the certain obvious solution to this problem is a solo teleportation device it’s a form of a bedroll like in ark with a 5 minute cool down you could even choose to teleport in faster but you would hinder yourself by adding 5 minutes onto the timer with the next time you use it not being able to teleport, with a custom map marker you can name but you can’t pick it up once it’s place d it’s placed also it’s meant to be very very expensive to avoid abuse as you don’t need it, also 23 bombs to destroy , the concept as if it’s a giants portal so it’s long( height wise )and width wise long enough as it’s lore is directly linked to the teleportation of slaves with a giants master slaver

Cost: 10,000 corrupted stone
5,000 brimstone, obsidian
1000 Crystal, Maybe it could have an inventory where it constantly needs demon blood / witch fire to created the portal with a very low consume rate to make it not a grind because it’s technically a luxury having this
WT 50.00

Call it some thingy like “Giants Ferry”
Tl;dr a teleported like in ark :sunny:

Mounts I’m just flabbergasted at the lack of thought that could of been implemented about them although towards to first year I believe we can ignore them only if teleportings a lot easier because who wouldn’t want to ride a elephant:) or a tiger to get around a little faster

In the topic of animals here we go
Levelling I see the implementation with the level zero my GOD FUNCOM it was staring you in your face as well with thrall levels

Level zero to its max could even be the big standard 2800 health to level what ever increasing its hit points by 200 per level flush it out also with the thrall because anybody can tame a thrall that’s 7500 power house that takes a year to kill have varieties of thralls and takes we can actually be able to kill without always help from our own thrall, I’m effect the rebalancing of the taming thrall system has to be accounted for the levelling system.


New features and rebalancing
Stam bar faceplate for current thrall following you on your right hand side or something like squad based games have for the thrall, dodge roll could be an issue with cliffs potentially enable a flag that stops it like the crouch, moving out of the players way could be the best thing since sliced bread also let them open doors , and if an ally hits a friendly them not all rush the ally it’s so annoying haha. Farming thralls thrall farming camps that can be fully raidable the only building that doesn’t remove resources during placement?
Almost forgot could also have thrall only doors so only they enter them doors not your doors sort of a thrall cat flap lol
For example
Agriculture thrall plots
Woodcutting/stone thrall plots
Specialist plots brim, iron
Also for you to be able to assign a thrall as a body guard to other places and thralls

Behaviour changes, sightline changes for archer thralls so they don’t continually fire your best arrows at a wall, stance changes passive flee, passive, wander, neutral, aggressive, patrol, bodyguard, form unit grouping 1-9 them to attack rival thralls so you can actually pvp they prefer to attack the other persons thrall because they see them as a bigger challenge then the actually player themselves there’s the explanation of not present them your dead lol

Tames, armour not just DLC content, pet gas masks as like a herbal item you place in there inventory or a pair of trusty nose plugs haha
All the stances from the thrall section also a roam in packs stance animal group selecting, improvements to ai a couple more animals that can reach the player, projectile tames some unique ones that need to be knocked out and tamed and that to be overhauled needs a cap of 50 per player because it’s stupid also same with thrall

I Want MORE FUNCOM!!! So many so so many you have got traps (better ones that actually work like spikes that protrude out of certain walls) a brand new foundation of building a top tier would be fantastic saw somebody before asking about a god resistance coating that could be placed on walls to allow a sort of extra protection

CROM my player character no matter what server I’m in I call myself CROM unfortunately i do not own the twitch stream name with is unfortunate but I want the ability to go berserk like Arnold did it works as a god token but not shown like gods because it wouldn’t be fair your basically a one shot destroyer that beheads anything in your path you know the model you created for the statues you turn into that while you swing your CROM sword having a separated move set for this to let it be a refreshing change from the original move sets basically super goku

Gods i have no problem although listening to the community it otherwise seems a timer for the amount you can create might be in order 1 a day to avoid the spam

Undermeshing cant really help it but to be on top of the spots there’s one that is still be used after 8 months in the southern aqueduct

New weapons are great! A new dungeon oh my goodness now your just wanting a big soppy kiss but DLC that have an overall advantage isnt at all great you need to match what you put out with content that is already in the game creating a duplicate of a dlc with a different skin that does the exactly same thing for it to be fair.

Land claim on obbys needs to be seriously resolved as it is a server killer for the people who box obbys you suck

Hearts for tames needs to just stop and something else needs to be put in place something more expensive like 10 hearts

Combat skill books max stats it just all needs a rework it’s very horrid

So far I probably have missed a hell of a lot off but here are my suggestions as this is all from a dedicated player who isn’t an influencer and doesn’t benefit you with the reach to expand your player base I might as well start a YouTube channel

Also steel veins I can’t physically be bothered with farming Asgarth for the baglionth time

To add : The clan system needs an overhaul
Alliance system like ark to allow other players thrall to not agro on you while you raid, they would be highlighted in a different colour also the name plates should be a little further so you can see because I don’t know how many times I’ve hit an ally haha, clan ranks and admins need more ranks and permissions and custom named ranks instead of officer lol and a temporary alliance setting so if you’ve both agreed temporarily you won’t be able to attack till both clan leaders or admins decide to end it through a pop up dialog box

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