My wheel is gone that has plenty amount of decay handling time

As I already wrote in title, when I checked the time with repair hammer 2 days ago from now, I had 144 hours left on the wheel with foundations. And yes when I checked in event log today, it said it was gone by decay system after the patch…

Luckily I don’t use that wheel anymore but I am scared they will make this kind of mistake again whenever they release new patch…

I’ve also made a post where I lost all my base including chests and all workbenches and it was due to decay system.

Is this since the patch yesterday? We are missing some work stations and small structures since the patch.

Same, official pve server.

Lost an elevator which is in middle of my base, which I use every day.

Lost 3 or 4 black ice spiked fences I laid in a square-like formation, with a thrall in the middle. They are now defenseless xD.

All those things were staying in shallow water. And of course, they didn’t have their decay timer 0. It must have been some of those fixes that removed structures / foundations placed beneath ground (even if I placed em normally) or something like this.

Can confirm in my server some people lost some crafting stations and other placeables.

In addition to everybody losing every orb, which we do know the official explanation.

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