My wish as a builder: Nordic simplicity

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I love building in this game! But one thing I miss is the option to make a very simple wooden log structure, without spiky bits or straightened planks.
I would love to have the option to build something out of logs … good old-fashioned log walls, crooked and uneven, with lots of bark still on the logs.

Imagine the Ewok-village I could make in the Eastern jungles? Or the ancient Scandinavian-style home in the Highlands?

No spiky bits. No fancy stuff. Just simple, uneven walls made of logs of wood. And bridges, stairs, and pillars made out of those simple logs as well, of course.

They would be easy to destroy, naturally. Not a problem: they would be easy to rebuild. Simple structures, after all, do not require a lot of resources.

I suggest you make a “viking”-DLC. Viking themed weapons, shields and warpaints. Structures that are extremely simple; wooden logs, crooked and with bark, no straight planks. And, above all: no spiky bits (please)!

I know, you already made the pict-themed DLC … but, unfortunately, the items and building pieces look to “over the top”. Sorry.

Players like me? We like our building blocks very simple. In the name of Odin: please let us lead a simple life in Conan Exiles.

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How did you manage to get the form and then fill it in in the wrong subforum? I won’t complain, even though it’s even more far-fetched than all the previous posts I had to request a move for. Please use the right subforum, the one this post is/was originally posted in is for Conan Unconquered. :roll_eyes:

Hey @Melcom,

Please move this to CE PC bugs if you have time.


Bugs? :crazy_face: General-Discussion or Suggestions would be a better place.


I got carried away because of the form.

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While i love the idea for a viking dlc or more northern stuff and decor, it’s not the first time this was suggested. Also many players are asking for wooden and why not lower tier for the north.

But like mentioned, this is more a suggestion, and of course a very good idea. So it should be moved to suggestions.

But yes, nothern stuff hold simple would of course be fine, would love see them to. :wink:


Well keep in mind that this game takes place about 10,000 years before the Egyptians. Which is about 21,000 years before the Vikings.

The Exiled lands is a mystical land that is the result of the aftermath a conflict that occurred after the Cataclysm. The lore (not that I’ve taken the time to start searching out the lorestones) confirms that. This is likely connected in at least some respect to one of the three potential Amon’s (Wrath, Ram, Thoth)

So beyond not being near the viking period a viking DLC would need not needed. more to the point what you describe isn’t something Vikings would have done. Bark being left on wood used for construction is fairly rare. It is harder to fit the wood, insects will eat is from inside the bark, the bark holds moisture which speeds rotting and it encourages insects in the spring through larva being left in the bark.

A Nordheimer set could be interesting as it would meet what you are asking for for the most part. However it would end up being a paid DLC.

As Funcom seems to Bethesda Things up you should look at the Besthesda options through Mods. I don’t believe such a mod exists but it would likely be better to reason out to a modder.

Agreed. They weren’t quite what I hoped for.

Would suit me fine.

My father built log houses with his company decades ago. Amazing structures. I would love to build one here. :orange_heart:

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Perhaps because it is not a Pict DLC but a Frontier DLC : the weapons and armour are Pictish but the building parts are Bossonian from the Frontier. If you bother to read the DLC description it’s pretty obvious.

I know that it’s been requested many times, but I want to chime in as well: some cheap wooden building pieces would be great!

Any time I place some wooden roof pieces (the tier2 desert kind), I always think about how nice it would be to also have similar looking walls/floors to use. Plus, sandstone sticks out like a sore thumb up north!

I did and I do. While I knew what the content involved and included, what I didn’t expect is the extent. Like I said, they weren’t quite what I hoped for.

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