My Zendesk experience!

The ones who know me in this forum, expect this already! I always try to stay positive and bring colors even in grey days. But what i am going to say here will have zero optimism and zero effort of positivity. I will speak my Zendesk experience EXACTLY as it was!
Yesterday i purchased an amount for crom coins. It was not my first time, since the age of sorcery arrived i have done it over 10 times, but this time it didn’t work. At once i knew that it didn’t work because the game it self send me an error transaction message informing me that something went wrong. I cannot recall the message exactly but it was suggesting me to log out log in and see if the problem is fixed, otherwise i had to contact the costumer support! I did log in and out several times for several hours yet nothing happened! At the time passes i started feel a bit helpless, just a bit, but disappointed as well, very disappointed actually! It doesn’t have to do with the amount that you spend, when this thing happens it not nice, it’s simply bad!
Today in a post i asked the help of @Mayra to give me directions how to solve my issue. @MarcosC hopefully read my problem and gave me directions first how to act from my in game menu. @Mayra send me the link the soonest possible with directions of what to focus on. Both of these persons helped me with their knowledge and experience to make the proper report so here’s the way that worked for me easy.
I visit this forum from my android device so when i tried to contact Zendesk i kinda lost it. So i visit Zendesk from my console like Marcos suggested, i pressed the HELP option that we have on our starting menu and it lead me at once on Zendesk page. Then i followed Mayras advice to press “in game purchase”. I filled the page like Marcos suggested and i filed the report correctly. Very soon after this action i will receive an email from Funcom asking me to reply with easy answers already and attach the files that i could. Again Marcos already have helped me to fix a correct photo of my PlayStation store receipt, so i attached it. After a few hours…

Problem solved!
So there’s my suggestions in short!
1 fix an account in Zendesk
2 take a screenshot of your PlayStation receipt.
3 use your console to report your issue by pressing the help button.
4 (optional) ask help from people in here, there’s no same not to know how to do things and ask for help and guidance!

Bottom line! Sh.t happens to everybody, but knowing that you are not alone, having people to encourage you and support you when you need it is a GREAT thing.

I felt the need to write down my experience, because Zendesk have accepted so many “stones” from this forum and i feel it’s wrong. My bad experience end up beautiful, very beautiful actually because.
This forums employees are amazing.
This forum has amazing players ready to help others.
Zendesk works and responds really fast to these issues, really fast.

Feedback is over!
And since it’s over and i can be stelagel again :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
@AndyB, i can understand now why @Mayra has the badge Andys angel.
I would suggest you to give her “Forums angel” as well!
@MarcosC, thanks a million for your support once again :+1:t6:.


Glad to see you have your situation solved. @stelagel


Feedback part 2!
Today i received another mail from Zendesk asking me if my problem solved correctly and if i received the proper amount of my coins back.
Ofcurce my reaction was positive, i attached the photograph above and i congratulate them for their speed and kindness.
Another email received giving wishes back :blush:.
So i will suggest 1 more thing that’s really important i believe!
Be kind! It’s not their fault we have these problems, they are the ones who try to help us fix them. So being kind is working good for both sides!
Thank you Zendesk!


@stelagel, Well, you spend money on the game ofc they are nice to you.

I am glad you got your coins and didn´t had much trouble. I am also glad you got the help you needed from the community.

Although I am happy for you I will still argue that most peoples encounter with Zendesk aren´t that satisfying.