Mysterious Figure - Undead First Men

When you throw this figurine into a Grey One pool, the resulting enemies are clearly not undead. Why?


We have an undead first men expert here folks, lol

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There are ‘undead’ First Men on Siptah. These are the skeletal, living corpses you find at the cairns and other places. Why don’t those appear when you throw a figurine in the water? It seems an odd choice to call the figurines ‘undead’ and not have them release the ‘undead’ versions.

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Maybe they were revitalized on contact with the pool.

I’ve never fought undead Silent Legion to compare with, but the ones I summoned didn’t seem very undead to me.

Wouldn’t ‘undead Silent Legion’ be the skeletons around the Black Keep? Pretty sure they’re referred to as the Silent Legion.

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