⚔ Mysterious image to tease new Saga server?




so, the login reward screen reads “saga of bloo” and “comi”… Guessing “Saga of Blood” as the new pvp saga server, but Belit was an interesting guess :slight_smile: Do you think they will add the pvp t4 sets?


Who cares, it evens out the play field. Currently half the server got these weapons, but they are obtained illegally give them also to the players who debt want to take part in the exploits.


It will be intersting to see how they implement a new Saga server. I wonder if it is just a “fresh” restart like on Saga of Zath but this time with PVP ruleset enabbled (and diffrent rewards ofc) or if they have some other tricks up their PVP-sleeves. For sure the PVP contrigent deserves some new stuff.

I am not to fond of (or especially good at) PVP myself all but still a bit curious to see what this will be about. Also kudos for the way to reveal it. :slight_smile:


I cannot imagine a full pvp saga server being particularly successful unless they implement some kind of change to the open world pvp rules


How so? I have very good memories about open world PVP back in the day, when servers were very populated. Getting farmed on the respad was part of the fun as well, actually. You could always form a party of your own and strike back.

Best thing for me was random encounters on low levels (20-60) while questing.


Currently there is NO level limit on White Sands Island and there have already been threads here and on Steam about lvl 80’s hanging out there and farming the new players.

That would be one thing that would need to be changed.


They could just add some code of cunduct that players must accept when starting the patcher. Saying that initiating combat and/or killing players, with way lower level, multiple times, in a set timerom, is against the code of conduct.
Players doing so can be punished with bans first just shot ones, but ultimatly a ban from the entire server?


No. Nope. Nopie!

They do not have enough GMs for this - so the only limitation will be US, only we can make or break the new server :partying_face:

And I am just wondering by how many different ways can a PvP noob like me be killed on this server? Already looking forward to find this out! :upside_down_face:


Only the PvPers have fond memories of open world pvp. there is nothing fun about being ganked by players while trying to do quests nor being farmed on a res pad. Eventually you just log out and find a better game to play.


That is pretty much the experience I had with PvP servers xD I just didn’t stop playing, I switched back to PvE servers.
Getting ganked by 3 people (group) at the res pad and when asking for help in global: “lol just log off”. Yeah…
Or that one time when I got followed by a level 80 PvP 4 ranger for hours who was in hide just to attack me once I started fighting mobs (I was level 30).
And that one time where I was supposed to pay money in Conalls Valley so a few level 80s would let me cross one of the bridges there. That was actually kinda funny to be honest since they were roleplaying… but… I just jumped in the waterfall and swam upwards xD


No surprises today!


Personaly i belive that the pvp ruleset with a proper punishment is the ultimate ruleset.

People behave much more realistic with a PvP ruleset, the missing piece is the right way to punish people. So people dont run around mindlessly killing people. But have to think twice.

Say for example. A 80 ranger choose to initiate combat with a level 20 tos. The ranger is so much higher level that the pumishment system instantly sets this ranger at max punishment.

I thought of one way, but i know punishsing these things without it being exploited is difficult.

The ranger could get a 10min debuff stacking with each kill of this sort. The debuff would:
-Put him visible for all to see on the map.(Like ranger track function.)
-Disable his hide function.
-Make him unable to leave the current zone.(both trough exits and path)
-Post a global anouncement of name, zone level and crime. Give a onetime PvP reward for each player killing him, much like the bounty hunting quest.


what make you all think that it will be pvp saga server?


@Diesel The name is blood, its revield during a PvP event which FC said was just to heat things up before “more comming real soon.”


strange logic. but I think, if so, will be good way for funcom to kill fury server. make it “saga” and then delete after end. btw why you all pvp lovers don`t use fury? pure pvp server is dead because of pvp and what make you think that new pvp server will go other way?


This is way too complicated and requires a lot of work. Restricting high lvl players to enter Tortage would do.


That would hurt achievement hunters. Maybe let them enter Tortage, but unable to attack any player, or set to stats like a lvl 5.

@Raczer Good thoughts about punishments. The devils’s advocate has to mention, that it would be quite easy to troll aoe-classes. One would only need to run into their aoe with a low level, while they fight a player or NPC.


@Diesel Why do you think its so black and white? Its not like you have to choose PvE or PvP. I love both PvE and PvP i think both aspects in AOC is real awesome. Well, was real awesome at least.
After you couldnt play PvP with friends anyways and PvE became a brainless RF farm neither is very good anymore, but its the foundation, the core of it is amasing! :slight_smile:

However, to answer your question directly, its not just me whom love both PvP and PvE. Raids and pugs died pretty fast, so me and alot of others had to move to Crom to do both. Soon the majority of the PvP community was on crom so there was little reason to stay in fury for anyone. Kind of sad, because personaly, I’d pick a PvP ruleset anyday! Imo. it makes everything much more interesting.

I dont think it will kill fury, it might actually do the oposit since i bet players from a PvP saga server would be transfered to fury. Some new players with new chars might actually bring som life back to fury! :slight_smile:


True! :thinking: