⚔ Mysterious image to tease new Saga server?



Well said. For me I would say I prefer PvE but I do enjoy PvP at times as well despite some flaws. Both are part of the game and the game is great.


Its a risk, personally not loving pvp I will do just a lvl 20 to get a new slot char (if they do this like they did in pve saga) :stuck_out_tongue:


thinking about it the new change to reduce the people in a BK zone makes sense. BKs will obviously be a part of the end game for the new saga server.


Seems to be coming out the 27th of September


2019 Lol


More info soon. :slight_smile:


Yay! Can’t wait :smiley:


Wheeeen? :smiley:


Wooooohoooooo! HYPE


Btw no daily today for those who completed the image? badbadbad!

If the new saga server helps to keep the bad guys from Crom, long life to new server!


may raidfinder pop hard in our absence!



What makes you think it’s september 27th? It obviously is september at 2027 (along with craft revamp and T7).


That is already in the game! … Well… in The Another Game aka CE :smiley:


Ha ha ha :slight_smile:

It’s 2018! Stay tuned!


Ahh, stop that suspence and give us what you prepared for us! We are so eager to know that! :smiley:


I wonder how many days they will leave the PVP event Daily Logon Rewards window up. For those of us who completed it, we now get no Daily Logon Rewards.


Till 27.9.2018?


Even worse, after the event that starts on 27th :frowning:


I guess they want everyone to be able to clear all daily rewards to see the announcement.

Nerds like us who already cleared all dailies are in minority I think :slight_smile:


That goes against the norm for when Funcom has done this in the past in SWL and AoC. It usually goes away immediately. If you want the full set of awards, you can’t miss even a single day. That is why they put the big item in the middle, so the end is just fluff people won’t mind as much missing.

I think last time in SWL they actually left both in, and let you swap between them, so during the event you got old rewards + new rewards. That is really the way it should be done to make it easier on them and so it won’t matter when they forget.