⚔ Mysterious image to tease new Saga server?



27th? That’s like tomorrow… Would be nice to know what will and won’t be changed so we can give some feedback before it hits live.


Tomorrow is the 9th. We should have info before the 27th.


It’s a figure of speech.

I (as an avid open world pvper) am simply very worried about what they are going to do and the timeframe is short for changes.


wonder what the quests will look like, and I hope the endgame quest has to do with sieging!

also hope they tie quests to pvp festival events like fields of slaugther, and winning minigames.

if the quests are only about getting pvp 10 it’s gonna be a bit sad!


Give us more info pleaseeee.


Very soon! Keep an eye out.


Very soon? So you mean, like, tomorrow? :smirk:


I am rather curious what the gimmick is on this server to entice people to do it, as I believe the interest for a saga pvp server was overestimated.


Give the new loyality rewards i think we cant expect too much. It took them so long just to recolor the old item… while I have to admit the armor looks better now why it didnt look like that on first try instead of stormtrooper white plastic pieces


We will see about that. People in my guild are looking forward to it.


I have a very good guess on the rewards already :smiley:
Reaching Level 80 gives the pvp 1 Tier armor. on a siege you get the unbound pvp 3 weapon. Then there is pvp tier x Vanity, not sure on the level though. AND very important for a lot of pvper…… a potion to change your gender. This really makes it so easy to whine a lot and transform back into a male after :wink:


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