Mysterious warning after logging off

what does it means?
After logging off on ps4 private servers

Online, Two different private servers on ps4

There are no mods on consoles

Now, I could be wrong, but it probably means that a mysterious stranger is trying to warn you of impending doom that threatens to destroy all life, but they were cut off before they could send the whole message. You should prepare yourself for an imminent attack from interdimensional space ninjas seeking to silence you. It could come at any minute.


Wow you guys are really funny today. Ha-ha-… oh no, you’re not. :woman_facepalming:

After clicking on ‘ok’, i am in main menu.

I was wondering if that is related to the maximal number of fighters/animals. But we have deleted all of them so far.

Had this several times since the update. Every time that I had this, I had a small rollback, which I only noticed because I’m building/updating a large base and some of my changes wouldn’t be saved. My guess was, this was a warning meant to tell us the game didn’t managed to save properly and went back to the last saving point or something?? However I was playing in single player. :thinking:

I assume in your private servers that they just keep running, yes? Have you noticed any changes when you log back in, or has everything stayed the same as if this warning didn’t appear in the first place?

I have to, every time. I would like to know what I am agreeing with though. :woman_shrugging:


I also periodically receive this mysterious warning

That was my first concern so I did check. I have 200gigas left of a 1tera in my PS4. There should be more than enough space.

If the theory holds, the warning would be about server space rather than that on your end.

Fairly easy to check if you have a decent relationship with other players, & or the owner. If other players are seeing the same message, or the owner/admin has something relevant on their end, you can narrow it down to a server side issue.

If not, and you’re on your own with the message, could be a network connectivity flavoured heads up rather than storage.

I have seen this from time to time. With the help of other players, they have reported my instance is still remaining in the world despite my exiting to menu. In this case I exit the game before suspending the console.

Being a PC player, we don’t get weird HUD warnings like this, but via Steam, we can observe when our ID is still logged onto the server despite exiting to main menu. It might be painful on the PS4 due to load times, but exiting the game will usually “kill” the character instance and log you off fully.

If you remain logged in with CE running, your character may not exit the server fully, to potentially disastrous consequences like starvation or thirst. This window/ok button could maybe be some feedback mechanism. It’s early yet on the play data, bear with me.

I play on ps4 and play on 3 different official servers. I get this warning every time I log out to the main menu.

Got this as well. I checked my thrall counts, it wasn’t that.

I get this also on PS4 just about every time I log off. Happens on both local game and online server.

Hey! So after logging in and out multiple times across multiple servers in one sitting I think I got the full warning to display.

Yeah, singleplayer here and playing offline. Maybe you’re right? Even though yesterday was the first time that I noticed a network issue. Still after I log of, the message didn’t appear, so I hope it’s ok.

I play singleplayer, this usually occurs when I log off. After this, when I log back in I notice a small rollback, as changes that I did towards my buildings were not saved (I’m updating a city to the latest DLC).

Interesting. Though as far as I can see, my settings have remained the same so far - have been checking them everyday, since thrall culling has turned on by default after the update and I had to turn it off.

Had this a longer time ago almost every time when logging out (xbox). deleting the game & full reinstalling made it disappear. only main game is necessary. better situation you have, when you have an external backup hd. to copy from another drive is much faster.

you also can try to delete your game settings. It will be recovered from the cloud. But I had to delete the core game.

My settings stayed the same as well, i only got the message. Nothing actually changed.

Right back to normal. Lol.

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