Mystery Beasts Of Africa

The last 20 to 30 min. or so of this Podcast from 04/02/2018 features some coverage of the mystery beasts of Africa. Thought you folks might find this of interest.

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That website is full of cringe. It’s like Alex Jones and Art Bell had a mutant alien love child and this was the afterbirth.

Closer to George Noory and Jimmy Carters’ mutant alien love child.
Not angry, hateful, and ranty enough for Jones, but with more psudointilectualism.
Which of course makes it excellent listening for a game about insane conspiracies.
Provided you have a high B.S. filter and don’t bother to take it too seriously.

I can give you that.

I enjoy conspiracy theory stuff as much as the next person because they’re endlessly entertaining, but not when they’re preached by total nutsos who believe that stuff like it’s gospel. Then it gets infuriatingly frustrating.

Oh, I hear you there.
There’s a reason I only recommended the last 20-30 min. of a two hour show, and only that one show on the whole website.