Mystic Domain of Kullinzios [RP/Light PVP/18+] - High Fantasy/Custom Lore/Level Boost

Greetings and salutations dear traveller! Are you looking for a place to tell a tale? Perhaps one full of magic and fantastic adventures? Maybe even a tale of barbarians, fairies, elves, or even dragons? If so, then pull up a chair and enjoy a drink while I tell you about a wonderful place: The Mystic Domain of Kullinzios! MDoK in shorthand.

MDoK is a server focused on collaborative storytelling and creative RolePlay, set in a high fantasy world full of highly customizable characters. Influenced by the Age Of Calamitous (AoC) lore, we have expanded the world with a few personal touches and incorporated light PVP through story progression.With over 30 unique races to choose from (All brought to life thanks to Exiles Extreme), these lands are teeming with all forms of life and wondrous creatures.

Here in the Mystic Domain of Kullinzios, roleplay comes first. We are here to promote both creativity and a friendly community both in game and on Discord. If this sounds like something you would enjoy, set that mug of ale down for a moment and click on the link to access the rules we have written to help promote a healthy community!

Some custom features we have include Starting kits, the option to start off at level 120, Hub cities with a few quest givers and vendors, options for Player Markets, Admin supported player guilds (Such as an Adventurer’s Guild and Merchant Guild), Fast travel to city hubs by way of a scripted travel system, Active admins with staff from NA and EU to cover multiple time zones, and both player and admin sponsored even


Name of Server:

Mystic Domain of Kullinzios

Server type:

Heavy RP Focus with Light PVP

Age Restrictions:


Language Requirement:

Must be able to Speak, Read, and Write English

Location of Server:

US Eastern (Looking for more European players to join our existing ones!)

Max capacity of the server:


Discord (or other) Server: 76

Is the server passworded or open?

Password protected


XP rate: 3x (You will get a 120 level boost when you start playing on the server)

Harvesting Rate: 2x

Day/Night Ratio: Daytime: .4x // Night Time: .5x

Hunger/Thirst settings: .3x

Drop Equipment on Death: No

God Avatars Enabled: Disabled

Containers Ignore Ownership: Yes

The Purge Activated: Disabled

Does Server Use Mods: Yes


  1. Pippi -
  2. Exiles Extreme -
  3. Fashionist -
  4. Warrior Mutator -
  5. Thrall War Dungeon Mod -
  6. Savage Steel -
  7. Conan Sexiles -
  8. Emberlight -
  9. Glass Constructions and more… -
  10. RP Aesthetics -
  11. Roleplay -
  12. The Age of Calamitous -
  13. Improved Quality of Life -
  14. LBPR -
  15. UnlockPlus -
  16. Exiles Extreme Feat Blocker -


How do I join the server?

As soon as you join the Mystic Domain of Kullinzios’ Discord, you will be pulled through the unstable warp energies of the recent Calamitous. A step-by-step guide will explain instructions to getting your discord tags. New members joining the discord for the first time are required to read the server rules before receiving the server info.

Is there an application to join the server?

No application, just join the discord and read the rules in order to gain server access.

Who invented the Server Lore?

Our Server Lore is a mix of Espen Johansen’s Age of Calamitous, and fan-made incorporations from our members and Admins.

What do the Server Rules include?

Our rules are tailored to the RP experience entirely, please do check them out here:


Greetings travelers,

We hope all is well! Hopefully, the sun is’a shining and giving you a subtle tinge for adventure that you seek.

We just wanted to subtly bring to your attention that the Mystic Domain of Kullinzios is now home to 38 different races! It is home to currently 4 guilds with the newest addition, the Magic Guild, soon to sweep the land and inspire even more exploration of our world!

With all this additional charactery-stuff, we welcome you whole-heartedly in to explore and see if this place is a proper fit for you!

Our community welcomes those who love story and believe every person has one to tell.

Have a wonderful day!

We hope to see you soon!

-The Adventuring Staff of MDoK