- RPVP - 10x Rates - Increase Levels - More (WHERE THE IMMORTAL GAMERS PLAY!)

Attention Arcanist! Are you looking for a community that knows what they are doing? Well, I’m here to tell you that MYTHIC is that community! Come be apart of our RP-, and PVP- based Conan Exiles Server(s). ( We consider our server more, PVP based but we do give players the option to roleplay as well!) Benefits from a strong and STABLE and fast-growing community with professional staff WHO DO NOT abuse their player base. What do you say Arcanist? Will you join us and become immortal within MYTHIC?

Server Features:

  • Dedicated server - Means you will not LAG!
  • PVP and RP server - Mostly PVP server focus!
  • 4x everything!
  • Dedicated and professional staff!
  • Active/growing community on daily basis!
  • Streamer/Solo friendly! (group friendly as well!)
  • Build your own legacy with MYTHIC on our Conan exile server!
  • English Server! (the United States, EU, and AU - with a good and stable ping!)
  • Join MYTHIC Community Conan Exiles server and become immortal! Why play with little mortals when you can become a immortal god/goddess with MYTHIC Community!
  • PC/PS4 Server! (MYTHIC is planning on getting a ps4 server within the next few weeks after the launch of Conan exiles!)
  • Starting Kits Players get a starter kit once you join our server! - Just go to those little building you see when you first spawn!

MYTHIC Community Server Rules?:
You can find that via on our discord - Direct discord code is ‘z67Ngc6’

Please note! - When joining our discord please make sure to read your welcome message and redeem your role to gain access to conan exile chat rooms! and talk to other arcanist who play on our Conan Exile server!

Other Important Aspects of MYTHIC

  • We actually listen to our player base! If you want something changed or added, We will happily consider putting it to a community vote. We listen to everyone.
  • We regularly host community events with prizes and incentives! Because it’s important enough to bear repeating, our staff is professional. We train all staff to handle whatever might over our way to ensure that why, our player base, can have a wonderful time within our community and on our server(s)
  • If you tire of Conan Exiles or want to branch out to other games, we also host server(s) for Ark, Rust , and others. And we always looking for suggestions regarding any other server our player wants to see.

How to connect to MYTHIC Community Conan Exiles Server(s):
Server Name : mythiccommunit(dot).org - RPVP - 10x Rates - Increase Levels - More
Server IP :

IF you need any assisting on joining our discord join our discord our amazing top tier of staff will be willing to help you 24/7!

MYTHIC Community Details:
Website www.mythiccommunity(dot)org
Our Steam page: steamcommunity(dot)com/groups/Mythicommunityservers
Our Discord: z67Ngc6

We highly recommend members joining our discord - we have 24-hour staff who watch over things on our discord and this is where we post updates about our server(s) on via discord or our forums!

attention Arcanist, We have done major changes to our Conan Exile server.
We are completely changing and revamping our stance and view on our Conan exile server!

(We are leaving the old post without edit and just posting a new replay with the changes.)

Our main focus and goal of a community have not changed but in-game assets for our server have changed!

For example:

  • Our server is considered ‘RPVP’ We consider our server more like a game of thrones type server. Where war will impact the server with factions/races or clan territory but also have a strong roleplaying as well ( But not hardcore Like we used to be.)

  • No longer 4x Now 10x! (For gather and Exp) Since leveling has been increased to 120 As well stream and solo friendly for people! Our community is a place to make friends and have a positive atmosphere for all ages and individuals. (Mature Community)

  • Adding Quest and doing something different!

  • These will be changing daily and making players have more involvement in gameplay changes!
  • PVP Quest (Conquering lands!)
  • We added our own Customized lore to the game including with Conan Exile base lore as well AoC lore.

(We are still adding this feature and will continue to add new quest consider them “Daily” )

We are changing the server daily to make it more fun for people if you have suggestion while playing on our server Our admin team actually does listen to you and actually doesn’t abuse their power.

Join our discord find on our website by visiting mythiccommunity(dot)org