MYy servers missing'

Game mode: [PVP]
Problem: [Server missing]
Region: [Desert]

In my favorites my server is missing for two days now

Whats going on?
[Free text]

Steps on how to reproduce issue

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Ok got a response from Funcom the server was an unofficial server so yep all that building for nothing!

Any server with an actual name is an owned server. Funcom only monitors official servers (not that they do that anyways. The server in play on keeps going missing and I still haven’t heard from them :unamused:)

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Well they still haven’t explained what happened on my PVE were my game froze and I spawned north of the map how or why no clue never been up that far I was south, made it back to my base
and it was in decay and most of my builds said no owner could no demolish or use.

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