[NA] Camelot - Tournament of Kings PVP Server

Camelot - Tournament of Kings
Server Opens 4/08/22 11:30am CST

PVP Hours: All Week
4pm - 9pm PST
6pm - 11pm CST
7pm - 12pm EST

Avatars Disabled

Direct Connect:


  • Pippi
  • Fashionist v4.2.3
  • Harros, The Vassal Armor
  • Camelot - Tournament of Kings (Siptah Recipes in Exile Lands)

Cash Prizes can be Won on the last Sunday of the Month, 1st $500, 2nd $100, and 3rd $50. The PVP Tournament held in the Admin made Arena.

SIPTAH recipes on exiled lands!!! HOW?!??!

Lets go! Pumped for a pvp server with real pvp times for once, and not a huge list of rules.

Its about time everyone can play on a server where they can trust the ADMIN.

No entry fee and 500 bucks a month first place arena prize? Sounds like a reason to come back…

Great pvp hours and tournaments where you can win actual prizes. it’s a reason to come back again and again. I wonder if their will be more events down the line either way this is gonna be great! cant wait to get started

Wow! 2x harvest cant wait to farm everything!

Server is Live now.