{NA} Exiled Revenants 18+ RP PvP-PvE

Server Settings
XP rate: 2
Gathering Rate: 2
Day/Night Ratio: .3 for day .4 for night
Hunger/Thirst settings: .1
Drop Equipment on Death: no
God Avatars Enabled: no
Containers Ignore Ownership: no
The Purge Activated: yes

Peak Play Times: NA east coast
Does the Server use Mods? yes

If yes, Mods List: Sexiles, pippi,
Discord: https://discord.gg/hB8AsA5

The ground quaked and the clouds turned black. the shiver of the north traveled quickly and even those in the temperate south felt the shift in the winds. None knew what had been unleashed across the exiled land but they knew it carried with it a hatred so fearsome that it would rip apart worlds to see its rage fulfilled.

On the first day the north went black as if covered by a cloud of magical darkness. No scouts could penetrate the wall. Not even the wildlife that was so abundant would cross over.

On the second day the rivers ran red, the water was contaminated with the foul stench of death.

On the third day the ground split and fire roared from within the earth.

On the fourth day a light appeared and with it came a beacon of hope. A woman so beautiful that anyone setting sight on her true form would weep tears of blood . She changed her shape and her size and grew to the size of a mountain , her beauty could be seen from miles around even when obscured by clouds. She marched north.

On the fifth day the blackness of the north was given form, a man as mighty as the woman before but cloaked in living shadow stepped from the dark clouds. When his foot struck the land it turned black in its sickness and plagues of fire spread out, untamed, unstoppable.
The sixth day was war, man and mer rallied against the beast. Only to be felled like pesky flies as demons of terrifying form swarmed at the monsters feet. Only the Golden woman stood against them Rallying her own warriors of light to fight the scourge

On the seventh day it rained blood and brimstone. Kingdoms were assaulted by the bloody remains of those who stood in the path of destruction. Ball of fire and stone collapsed their walls, it was on the seventh day the gods war began.
Fate went dark that day. The power of the immortal lords was so great that the record themselves were burned. But Fate remembers, I remember. The mortal men and mer struggled long against the oncoming destruction. The Rising Olagh standing by her children as a shining shield maiden fighting with all her will to save the mortals to no avail even as the battle raged forth the mortals have but one life and even with all her divine power there comes a point when no body can be returned to life again.
The years that followed the war wrought havoc upon the lands and its people. Tens of thousands died. Only once before was so much lost, during the age of Anarious. The battle raged for what seemed like decades, then centuries, time seemingly forgotten as the people of the lands suffered and then as quickly as it had began the gods vanished from the exiled lands only leaving their servants to spread their word. Mortals knew little of fact but many believed the gods war had once again ascended to the heavens. As true as this is, only fate itself can confirm. This was the dark era. Mortal scampered about below like insects fleeing the rain . A deluge of blood that would turn the world into a place of such incalculable despair that even the greatest of bards and poets would struggle to do justice.
With so much chaos born of this awesome destruction demon fierce and deadly rose up. More powerful than any that had been faced before. WIth a word they could kill, with a look they could steal a soul. These demons enslaved men and mer alike. While the lesser of their lot continued to bring chaos and madness to the world. The Dark times seemed unending, as if it was no longer a time but an eternity.

Then from the rubble that was left of civilization, life appeared again, and the sun rose a light to guide the creatures who remained to a new era. An era of life and of death, of blood and pain. No laws, no order or Kingdoms, only savagery and survival. The New Age begins.(edited)

Hello all I am a member of the Staff Team at Exiled Revenants RP. I’m here to let all players who are searching for a new roleplay home that you’ve found it. Starting Thursday 6/14/18 our server will be adding the following changes.

-Character Transfer: If you are coming from another server and wish to play the same character we now offer character transfer with full level transfer as well. All that is needed is a screenshot of your character and character level from your previous server, or any other form of proof.

-Recruiter Rewards: If you recruit a new player to the in game server you will be granted an additional 10 Gold Pippi Tokens per player. These tokens can be used to purchase a variety of armor, accessory, and dye kits. These coins will also be used to purchase in game legendary armorer that can craft flawless Epic armor.

-Limited Time Only Advanced Starter Kit: This kit will be given to all new player and will include the following; Flawless Regular Relic Hunter Set, Steel Sword and Steel Heater Shield, Steel Pick/Hatchet/Skinning Knife/Cleaver, and 5 pippi gold. (Be sure to claim this kit before hitting level 20 or or getting the levels for your character transfer.

-Creation of 2 RP Hubs: This hasn’t been fully implemented on the server but is soon to come. Creation of a Starter CIty, this will be a location that caters to new players who join the game. It will include open benches, chests for people to donate to new players, library to learn more on the game, small tavern. The Second will be an in-game neutral city ran by an admin that will server as a central location for traders market for exclusive admin spawned items as well as hosting tavern and brothel events.

So join our discord https://discord.gg/MsQxX4 and visit our website https://exiledrevenantsrp.enjin.com/ and start your journey in Exiled Revenants newest season, War of the Gods

Hey, i used to be in the server, but lost my account. can someone send a invite to the server