[NA] Jack's Graveyard [TRUE Survival] (HARDCORE PVE) looking for chill players 18+

Hello, conan exiles players my name is Jack BlackBeard, and today, I am here to present you a truly unique survival experience we worked hard to make this server a server you will always remember being something you have never seen before.

Are you like most players bored of all or would I say almost every survival game or servers being to easy? Always focusing on making everything fast making the game easier just so you can build your things and doing everything in a hurry for fast pvp,pve or just missing 3/4 of what the games has to offer? After what? You end up getting bored and you feel like everything is done and you leave! This is the total opposite in here. We want to make our players new or veterans alike what it feels like to be a slave, a survivor looking to survive in a land where death will follow you like a hunter with his prey. You will beg to have luck on your side… But sadly life is not always working that way… You will have to calculate every move you make to actually have a chance to live. Nothing will be granted to you on a golden plate, you will have to work to survive. And trust me you will have your adrenaline pumping while playing in here.

What the server as to offer

  1. True survival experience
  2. An amazing friendly community willing to help players joining our server!
  3. 15 mods in total some wich helped us making this server possible.
  4. Truly Challenging combat (You are survivor not a superhero)
  5. Harsh survival your survival skills will play in the game you will have to choose your priority wisely.
  6. All settings of the server are minutely chosen and tested to make it as challenging as possible to a unique survival experience. So don’t expect anything fast here!
  7. Events


Interested? You feel like this server seems like a nice place for you? Well we will be more than glad to have you with us in this unique experience!

Things to know before joining, microphone is require and the verification process will take a while before you can actually start playing in the server right away. I made this that way to make sure only the members part of our community can access the server! We want to prevent unpleasant players from accessing our server! Our number one priority is the hapiness of our members!

Add me on steam if you are interested! If I am not accepting your invite right away either I am working,sleeping or busy so please be patient! Thank you!

I wish you all a great day!

Hey there, how does your mod list look like?

https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1916561742 Here this is the list of all the mods the server have.

Decided to give the server a go. It has been a struggle but at the same time it is kinda fun. Makes you appreciate the lower tier stuff.

My experience so far:
I am level 16 and still at noob river. Leveling is hard. Crocs are scary :joy: Working on my animal pen, need my godzilla army to deal with the them crocs :smiling_imp: Far away from dominating but I think I am doing ok surviving :blush:

EDIT: The server has a discord to reach the admin/s and has whitelisting enabled.