[NA] Terras Tenebris RP/PVP/x3 (Heavy Roleplay) New Player Friendly

Terras Tenebris (the Dark Lands), is a place of great danger, adventure, uncertainty, and the occasional sandstorm where you can vie for the Exiled King’s crown, make a name for yourself in his arena, or live the life of a simple merchant. You choose your path!

The server is mainly RP focused with PVP elements. PVP activity is allowed all week provided there is prior RP, and IC reason for it to occur. Raiding/base-destruction is only allowed for a five hour window on Saturdays and Sundays.

Players may abstain from the raiding aspect, but they will be unable to partake in clan wars or take the Exiled King’s Crown. They can, however, still PVP.

For more info, check out the discord or get in touch with me.


Discord: https ://discord. gg/wZ8S8DM (Can’t include links, so I had to space it out).