Nah, I'm not believing it. I seriously don't believe it

I’m not sure what this new crafting patch was about but the whole “reduce recipes” crap is bogus. How is reducing recipes and making people craft multiple craft stations, most of which now take up waaaaay more real estate about reducing the number of recipes? Now I’m going to have to have like 4 benches scattered out taking up 10 times as much room if not more, just to craft the same crap I used to craft on one bench.

Yet the hand crafted menu, which has a bazillion recipes that I have to slow as ballz sift through just to make a bed roll is unchanged?

I mean why go through all the trouble to make all this crap when a simple change in the menu or upgrade to the menu for drop down tabs/widgets would have made the quality of life in this game go from hell to heaven in 4.38492 seconds?

This is a salvage. This is about a failed project or plan that they tried to salvage by slopping together this half baked idea of recipe consolidation.

Crafting is an absolute nightmare now. Crap is all over the place. It’s harder to keep straight where you have what, where you need large stacks of what, etc.

Something is just not right about the whole consolidation and “space management” excuse for making these gargantuan abominations they’re calling upgraded crafting stations.

I am left totally perplexed by this move. I waited until I had crafted nearly every station and went through a couple of stereotypical scenarios that I would typically go through when crafting. I…JUST…DON’T…GET…IT. The deeper I go down the rabbit whole the more confused and befuddled I become. Instead of making more sense as I become accustomed to the new system it’s doing exactly the opposite. I’m getting more and more confused at what the logic would be.


yes this game and how its is currently handled is becoming a Norman door

What is a Norman door?

The Norman door is basically any door that’s confusing or difficult to use. It was named after (and not by) design guru Don Norman to define this all-too-common design foible. To determine if a door is “ Norman ,” ask yourself whether the door makes sense as you approach it.


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