Name change help

I came back after a long time away and my character’s name was changed, i have tried using the in-game service /name new name but that don’t seem to work. I put in a petition few weeks ago and haven’t got a reply yet.

Character i started petition with is R12806121412


FWIW, the “customer service” in this game doesn’t exist. The forum mods here will simply tell you that you need to open a petition (which you’ve done). Now, you get to wait. Months. No joke. I’ve had 3 petitions open for 6+ months now and not a peep from this supposed “customer service”.

I wish you luck, but you might want to get used to your new name.

Yep thats correct.

On the plus side R12806121412 is a pretty sexy name. Was gonna use it myself until I found out it was taken.

I don’t know what you’re going on about, but my recent low-prio petitions have been resolved within 2 days.

I call bullshit. I have 3 tickets still open that were opened Dec 18th, 2022 and they’re STILL unanswered. Additionally, if you look through the forums, you’ll see similar complaints like mine around “support” taking months to respond.

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