Name plates of enemies

In game name plates for thralls are terrible. Half the time they don’t show up, sometimes you have to run away a bit to do it.

Please either make them permanent, or fix the random proximity setup they currently have.

If possible have them show up for boss type’s too - eg, greater animals, bosses in dungeons, etc.

Generally when they do show up, they are easy enough for me to read, but some config options for them would not be declined either :smile:


Yes and the same to se the hp bars on youre mobs youre pet are tanknig and a opton to have a green hp bar on youre pet/thralls.

Yes, we need

Indeed. I have slaughtered many named thralls on accident because the name plates did not appear until the final blow was being delivered. Something is not working correctly with name plates currently.


I can confirm. Or my personal “anti favorite” thing, when the name plate appears just in time for you to pull the final blow, only for their life to be so low that hitting them with the Truncheon kills them.

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Oh yes indeed, I’ve taken to starting off with the truncheon…doing a quick retreat in hopes the name comes up when the npc follows…and if the steel truncheon knocks an unwanted placeholder out …ruthlessly slaughtering him as he lays unconscious

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