Name this clan -

I hate my clan name. But because I made it, I have no one to complain to but me. What should I change the name to?

I should put “This Clan” on the list of names, before some smartass beats me to it.

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Sinner’s Rejects
Snot of Yog
Yeet Pirates

Well, see that all depends…

What direction do you want to go in?

Are you looking for an ‘immersive’ clan name that fits in with the lore? Or a more a moniker that intimidates potential rivals?

…maybe you are just looking for a laugh?

Or…all of the above?

Give us something to work with here…


Turbo Nasty

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Pick a lane, @Crompox. I went Primary School Lunchline.

The name was ‘Megamellonia’. Thinking of ‘Inappropriate Social Distances’, but that would probably annoy me to see on ownership of everything.

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Clan Snek Cobra

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Snek is a 4 letter word.
I like it.

I decided to name it "Ragdoll Rhinos’ in honor of all those followers who ran up behind me while riding a rhino and knocked me around like a billiard ball.

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Endogenous Ligands

or maybe…


Uh-huh, uh-huh, we see you… :smiley:
Hey, I’m only 3 months late… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well this thread throws out a theory I had on autolocks. I’m gonna guess its just RNG now. :man_shrugging:


“Die Pünktlichen”.
I just discovered, that there is no word in english for the german “Pünktlichkeit”. “Just in time” is the most fitting for “pünktlich”.
This is realy sooooooooo german… :joy:

Squeaky Sharts

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To Be Determined

Name it “Noobs” and then report anyone that speaks about ur clan in chat as harassment!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

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Crom’s passing

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the creative corner threads doesn’t have auto-lock ( since most of them entice players to share screenshots / ideas /stories on a " long period of time ") as the servers/recruitement threads don’t have auto-lock neither , all the others have it though ( if I am not mistaken )

You mean like this?


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Hmmm, maybe I was not exact enough in my search… :grin:

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The Knights who say ‘Ni’