Named Blacksmith Thralls

The named thralls are a pain in the rear to get in the first place. I have lost named thralls because either some moron was murdering them while I was trying to capture them , or they fall through the ground and disappeared after being knocked out. I have also had me wheel of pain REMOVED with the freaking thrall in it. I don’t know WHY that would be done because people build on top of spawn points or where they are blocking access to content from other players yet THEIR crap stays there. One reason you HAVE to build a wheel of pain is because often you are unable to bring the thrall to you base because of water or climbing or distance from your base.
With all that being said…when you FINALLY get a named thrall they should be able to REPAIR your legendary items. Between grinding like hell and inconsiderate butt holes… WHY is that not at LEAST available when you FINALLY get a named thrall?!... PURGE or NO PURGE. Its ridiculous.

because legendary are like power sword and they should not be infinite uses. I rather use them as display as achievement for defeating bosses.

Do you want everyone and their grandmaw running around with the same legendary weapon. IT gives it depth that its the most powerful weapon out there and because it a one time use makes it a consumble resource and once lost then you have to find another one or stick with an iron weapon.