Named Dancers and Bearers - No Challenge

You know you can also find a very easy “named thrall spawn” at the Broken Bridge (one of the most likely first place one establishes after crossing the desert on the Exiled Lands). You can also find them close to the Twin Colossus, where Arcos the Wanderer is (another of the places you might just be when you cross the desert). You also will find “named thrall spawn” all over the place and they will be possible to get by simply having the first truncheon you can make, at the barest level you can take a thrall.

That does not mean anything since always, why should it start to mean something now ?

What I find strange is that if some named thralls show in your tavern, the price you pay has nothing to do with their actual “utility”.

Not that the shower of gold coins makes it any problem, but a named dancer that is reasonably around a “average” stats might go for 100 coins, 200 coins. Then I get Sadeh, which kinda “sucks” (in terms of stats. havent checked in any other way :rofl: ) but charging 500 gold. And she aint that pretty either.

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ok now I realised that the bartender is also tier 4 - and you got the percentages right , she’s in the cage about every second purge.

The problem is we already have one and we’re dismissing the new ones immediately , so I didn’t count them in the purges , like Iskar … I only counted the “normal” t4 thralls and we’ve been pretty unlucky there

but for thralls tier 1 purge is useless , the most interesting ones can be gotten in tier 5 - mainly various archers like Dennu etc who have high vitality bonus and can have 7-9k HP

For fighters and Archers, sure.

But dancers and bearers, they are a class unto themselves.


Hey, I’ll have you know more friends are reporting having acquired my NPC than ever before. Which is sad and humiliating, because up to now I thought they were actually acquiring me on purpose! You sir, are the bearer of bad news.

Joking aside, thanks for bringing this to everybody’s attention, despite my self interest I think it might need to be looked into.


I would say from my own observation of @Pugilist’s other threads, this is a player who prefers to learn while playing rather than deconstructing the experience to an experiment. Furthermore, from personal history here and at Steam discussions, Pugilist usually focuses on something that is also very much in the lens of many players. I kind of comically alluded to it above, but the easy mode is taking the fun out of it.


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