Named Fighter Converts to T1?

Basic Info:
Platform: PC
Issue Type: Conversion
Game Mode:Official
Server Type: PVE-C
Map: Siptah
Server Name: #6445

Bug Description:

Put Oyvind (Orvind?) on the wheel, took him off when I got home from work, and he converted not to a T4 but a T1 Accursed Fighter. Did something change in putting thralls on the wheel?

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Have not seen it on Playstation. Put a named fighter before logging off earlier see what she is tomorrow. Does he still have good stats? Sorry to hear we are on Siptah. @ViulfR

Do you have clanmates? One of them may have taken him out and put in a T1 fighter. I’ve never heard a T4 changing to a T1. Especially if that’s Oyvind Tall-tree, meaning it not only changed from a T4 to a T1, but also from a dancer to a fighter. It sounds like you’ve been duped.


Clan mates are all on vacation. It was the fighter version, not the dancer version. Unless someone has found a way to remove a named and put another thrall in it’s place on PVE-C it’s not likely it’s been swapped. Appreciate the input though. His name literally said Oyvid (cannot remember the exact name, but got him from the Loon) when he was on the wheel, came off and was a T1 accursed fighter instead of a T4 accursed fighter.

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Yes, this is a famous fighter, Oyvind the Accursed, but he himself cannot transform into another NPC in any way. :100:

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Ah… right… I missed the Siptah and “accursed” parts. :rofl:

Was gonna ask if you had foundations instead of walls to protect your wheel of pain, but PvE-C and not PvP, so nobody could have looted through the wall since containers are locked :person_shrugging:

Hackers can loot locked stations on PVE-C, so its possible, may not be the case here, but possible.

So it seems there’s issues with the server. Thralls disappearing etc. Decay has been turned off according to the old timers because of the issues with bases and thralls and such disappearing. Much of it near where my base was. I hope someone from Funcom will add this issue to the overall server’s issue.

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