Named Thrall Makri "Something"weaver - Summoning Place - PC

I recently added the Emberlight Mod and shortly after that I ran into a named thrall Makri "Something"weaver. I accidentally killed him before I realized he was named. I do not know what his “occupation” was but I am leaning towards Armorer.

Has anyone else ever seen this thrall?

Odds are it came from Emberlight, so you’ll probably have better luck asking on their page no?

They are obsolete today, all the Emberlight named Thralls. Emberlords added all of their unique recipes to player Feats, so you can craft all their Exceptional & Flawless Ember stuff with any named Thrall.

I did ask on Emberlight Discord. No one knew for sure. I was not sure if was just a new thrall in the vanilla game that I never saw and that it might be coincidence that it happened to appear after adding Emberlight. I figured I would ask here in case it is not part of Emberlight.

Thanks for that info.

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