Named Thralls and broken walls

A couple of weeks ago the named thralls in the den were spawning as usual. I was knocking out the smelter and the game crashed from a memory leak. Since then the only named thrall that spawns for me in the den is the archer. Are the thralls in that area now bugged for me or is there another explanation? I play on PC, Official server 1514.

On a side note. I logged into my new base at 10:05pm PST on 6/16/2018 and several of my foundations and 2 walls 4 stacks high made of black ice just destroyed themselves when i logged in? What is going on with your game? This was supposed to be a full release of a game that works, why does it seem like i am still playing an early access game? Why have you released a broken game under the guise of a fully functional game, when clearly it is full of bugs and plays like its still in development.

Please fix your game!!!

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