Named trawl died from following me and falling?

Game mode: [Online | pvp]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [na]

So it’s going to explore the new bird caves with a bandit leader in tow which have been nerfed down to 6,000 hit points witch I’m not happy about I’m also sad that you guys quit letting us recruit them. anyway I was exiting a cave and the Bandit leader fell down and died. I was able to go down the hill and I could see his head glitch in and out of the sky a body length abovr me. for a minute I could almost get the stuff off of him which was all Flawless level 60 gear along with a legndary item I didn’t want to lose I have screenshot from my PS4 don’t know how to transfer them over here anyway I would just like to know why are thralls dying falling it’s annoying that named thrall died falling it’s even more knowing that it’s when I can’t get back as well as losing a set of gear 60 gear and legendary weapons it’s just a bunch of crap. Please help get them back if possible. Thanks

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Transfer the screenshot to the usb card and then from the computer drop the screen here or on the phone and from the phone here.
I want to see this.

Hello @Wushufuzz, welcome to the forums!

Could you share the exact place or coordinates of where the thrall died?

Unfortunately, pathing issues may occur at times which may lead thralls to make dubious navigation decisions, particularly in dangerous zones such as the volcano, so we’d advise extra care when taking them to such places.

We’re always working on improving their AI, so all data gathered from issue submissions helps!

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