Named votaries are missing and random desert dogs spawn


On teslive now you cant find any lvl 4 votaries on the volcano area. Secas the smith is replaced by tier 1/2/3 blacksmith, and same thing for the lvl 4 cook. The alchemsit lvl 4 spot near the cook is always empty and there nobody where the tanner and the taskmaster should spawn.

Desert dogs now have random profession spawn. This is a good thing I guess, but why there dancer, tanner, carptenter that knocking on the anvil where the blacksmith should spawn?

Tanner, carpenter, dancer knocking on the anvil with saw, daggers or stuff is really weird.


I love the random spawns for dogs. think i seen it in the dafari camps too. But yeah the dancer, tanner, carpenter and cook randomly on the anvil is a bit odd. Found Sadeh in a small camp near the hand. That was a nice surprise. Haven’t gone around and checked the blackhand spawns to see if the small camps have evolving npcs too. Makes mid map hunting nice. Also the thralls have been changed up in the highlands for evolving randoms. Plenty of Nordy armorers in the cycle.

I myself was wondering where the volcano named have been whisked off too.

Would like to see a dogs alchemist and a few more taskmasters spawn in camps. Trying to do an entire Dogs base. Been rotating between several different ones and the den.


there shouldnt be any t4 crafter that spwans 100% of the time. so volcano stuff … its good news. :slight_smile: the reported issue i think its minor. would be good it gets fixed. but not a big problem. (other issues should be more important to fix that this)

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